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Jodie's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Perth WA

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Jodie Forum Contributions
Tomatos - Hi All, There is a goog website called 'The Italian Gardener' that you can buy tomato seeds from. They seem to have a selection of Roma tomatoes. Diggers Club also has heaps of choice. My hubby and I have both planted a Brandywine this year and are g..5031 days 6hrs
Free olive tree - Hi All, I have a large Olive Tree that I no longer want and would like to offer to someone on the forum. It is about 8 ft tall and has a nice thick trunk. We have it cut into a topiary shape at the moment so it is not fruiting. I think if you left i..5043 days 12hrs
Carolina black rose young leaves crinkling - Hi au0rey, Nematodes cause 'bubbles' on the roots. They look thick and distored. If you put in 'root knot nematodes' on Wiki they have a picture of what they look like. I think one way of keeping them at bay is to plant Marigolds. Others may have..5304 days 6hrs
Swimming pool water and plants - Hi Diana, Thanks so much for your reply. It makes alot of sense. That puts my mind at rest as I was loathe to 'waste' 3000L of water ! Your help is appreciated : o )..5310 days 10hrs
Swimming pool water and plants - Hi All, We have just purchased a 'blow up' swimming pool which holds 3000L of water. When we are finnished with the water we would like to put it on our vegie/fruit tree garden. Is this a good idea? We will need to put chemicals in the water,we hav..5310 days 12hrs

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