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Macadamia nuts - Thanks Jimmy. The Qld Dept. of Primary Industries has recommended Iron Chelate and also Dynamic Lifter so I'll see what results they bring...Liked Answer 527 days 8hrs
Water shoot1 - I may be wrong but I would think all growth above the graft line would be good growth?. Anything below a graft line I would snap off...Liked Answer 736 days 6hrs
Panache fig tree - sternus good luck with smashing the fig cartel. There seems to be a lot that hiding in the shadows with a treasured variety kinda behaviour in world of fruit trees. ..Liked Answer 769 days 14hrs
Black sapote not growing - I have a Black Sapote seedling that sat idle for more than a year until the area where it was planted became flooded. I thought it would go to God but instead it took off and is going 'great guns'. I don't think your lavender will enjoy wet feet, howe..Liked Answer 804 days 16hrs
Vanilla orchid cuttings - Charles- you make your own humidity by spraying the vanilla plants with water every day...Liked Answer 816 days 24hrs
Chokos - Hi Guys, I am in Albany WA (bottom left hand corner of WA), and I grow a white choko. They are daylight sensative, and will only start to produce flowers after the Summer Solstice (longest day) has been and gone. That can be a bit of a pain here, because..Liked Question 833 days 21hrs
Variegated citrus - Cara Cara Oranges frequently will sent out branches that are variegated and these branches can easily be grafted onto a seedling...Liked Answer 857 days 18hrs
Bonza and sunshine pears dawsons - The girlfriend & I were wondering about what Bonza and Sunshine would be like to grow and eat. So we're going to plant both. We'll toss a coin as to who gets which tree...Liked Answer 922 days 11hrs
Variegated fig - Hi Bj actually panachee/striped tiger has normal foliage and striped fruit. im chasing up a new lead at the moment...Liked Answer 955 days 9hrs
Finger lime12 - If the yellowing on the tips started on older leaves, sounds like magnesium deficiency.Easily solved with an epsom salt treatment or two. Citrus are greedy feeders, so do respond best to regular feeds (even finger-limes). If you think about it, finger..Liked Answer 955 days 21hrs
Finger lime12 - My finger lime's leaves have gone from their trademark dark green to a light green, even yellow on the tips. Is this normal? It was planted in spring last year with no special treatment as I was told they liked average soil and to be left alone. ..Liked Answer 955 days 21hrs
Passionfruit pests - i need some advice on pests that are effecting my passionfriut vines, i have noticed that there is a leaf miner that turns the leaf a silvery colour like a snail trail? it's a tiny grub/maggot it then cacoons into a brown spot. i have noticed some small..Liked Answer 957 days 15hrs
Olive trees2 - Hi Advice Please go to www.oliveaustralia.com.au they have articles from growing to harvesting and processing. Just click the olive trees menu selection bar and it will take you to everything that you need to know about olives. Happy gardening :-)..Liked Answer 973 days 2hrs
Olive trees2 - Thankyou very much fruitist for this information. I will record these olive types and continue with my endeavour to grow my very own olive tree...Liked Answer 973 days 2hrs
Olive trees2 - I live in Far North Queensland where the climate is hot humid and of very high rainfall. As a gardener with limited experience I have been confused by the advise of different local nurseries. One stocks olive trees and states they are suitable for this..Liked Answer 973 days 2hrs
Blueberry - I bought a Sharpeblue and a Ned Kelly bush in January this year. As I am a fly-in-fly-out worker in a mining town, I grow them in self-watering pots in Perth. The potting mix that I used was simply builders sand, used tea leaves, some water crystals and..Liked Answer 983 days 3hrs

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