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Location: BUILYAN

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

FarmPlantsSeeds Forum Contributions
Fruit fly tunnel - Sadly I had to re-locate and leave my fruit trees behind so I am selling my free tunnel. if anyone is interested it is less than cost price, here are the details: 30m Fruitfly tunnel for fruit trees, including tall starpickets polypipe arches 30m long a..1701 days 6hrs
Apricots in qld - Will Apricot trees produce fruit in warm Gladston, QLD?..2154 days 6hrs
Apple dwarf tropic sweet - I planted this in 2009, not only are the apples yummy, but it looks just beautiful when in flower – so much so, that I was inspired to design a fabric, here is a photo of it, I uploaded it to Spoonflower too, where it is available to purchase as Gift wr..2367 days 5hrs
How do i keep the king parrots - I guess pruning will have to do, at least I will get maybe a third of the fruits that way. Thanks for the input...2698 days 20hrs
How do i keep the king parrots - Usually I would just net, but my Almond tree is getting really big and it is too tall to cover. (In winter I put some star pickets and PVC poly over them to hold the netting and 2 poly for the top loop (((you can see in the photo my 6ft ladder on the le..2714 days 14hrs

Dwarf Apple - Tropic Sweet

FarmPlantsSeeds's Edible Fruits
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