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Fruit Fly Tunnel

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Farmplantsandseeds@gmail.com starts with ...
Sadly I had to re-locate and leave my fruit trees behind so I am selling my free tunnel. if anyone is interested it is less than cost price, here are the details:
30m Fruitfly tunnel for fruit trees, including tall starpickets polypipe arches
30m long approx. by 6m wide. (netting is 45m long by 10m wide) Includes 8 polypipes and 16 starpickets.

Purchased all 2017 for approx $1100 (including freight, and Net from NetPro)

Will sell all for $500 bargain basement price, and wished I could have purchased 2ndhand for cheapness

Poly pipes are 2” rural poly that are approx. 7m long, all purchased new

Starpickets are the extra tall ones that you need so trees do not grow into canopy, although dwarf varieties are still best, otherwise they have to be pruned so they don’t push through the netting eventually making holes.

Not very old as you can see from fruit trees, I was forced to relocate, so sadly lost all fruit trees, and am selling. Apparently netting will last at least 10yrs in the sun. (so if you remove after fruit production and store, it should last 20yrs, and btw, netting should remain off for crosspollination, so only erect back up after small fruits have formed. As I was only 1 person, it was easy for me to simply lift up a section and secure with holding pin (large knitting stitchholder) to allow the bees and bugs to do there job that spring. I let my 4 chooks run in mine, they love it.

If you have fruitflys like most areas of Australia, then this is essential, I would not bother growing stonefruit trees if I could not net them.

The loops are made from 8m lengths of 2” / 50mm Rural poly, held by 2 of the tall star pickets (6ft) that are 6m apart, then spaced every 5m down the tunnel.

The polys then need to be tied to each other so they do not slip and fold to one side, I used wire, this is tied around the first loop at the centre top, (I drilled a hole so I could secure it to the very middle) then strung to the next and tied and so forth all the way down the tunnel, I found this has to be done when you first build the structure, otherwise after the first hot summer, some poly’s will have fallen slightly to the side, lowering the height. Also, each end has to be tied to a ‘stake’ – I say stake, but you need a heavy duty ‘stay’ post- the wind can be very ferocious.

BTW, I believe those poisons they use to ward off fruitfly is poison to humans too, they leave behind a chemical residue is very small amounts, but it is still there. All the fruit you purchase in the shops will be sprayed with poison unless grown certified organic. I think some farmers out here have a problem with organic – they do not want to change their farming habits. (it’s super easy to go organic, non-farmers (everyday people) should give it a go, start with cleaning products, cheaper, cheaper cheaper too
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3rd October 2019 5:03pm
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Original Post was last edited: 3rd October 2019 5:03pm
phil@tyalgum says...
I saw a great setup similar to yours in Byron Bay which was very productive
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8th October 2019 3:24pm
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