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Apricots in QLD

    2 responses

Farmplantsandseeds@gmail.com starts with ...
Will Apricot trees produce fruit in warm Gladston, QLD?
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7th July 2018 5:26pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Farmplant

Growing apricot tree successfully to fruition in your area is a big challenge. Even low chill apricot varieties like tropic gold which require only 350 chills hours will still be a handful to nurture triumphantly in your garden.

Anyway, a lot of people said that mangoes cannot bear fruit successfully in the open in Melbourne, Vic. But a few people have managed to prove the majority wrong. So there you go. If you are up to the challenge, give it a go. Firstly, source the low chill cv,s if you can find one. There is a low chill cv here at Daley's (unnamed seedling) but, it's not up for sale yet. Be vigilant and ask to be notified once it becomes available for sale.

Happy gardening :-)
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8th July 2018 3:43pm
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brad16 says...
I'm not a Gladstone local, but I am a little familiar with the area. Many years ago there was a property, a little out of Bororen, that I was considering buying.

Traditionally, I'd say no. It's too warm for apricots in Gladstone, but I'm going to hold off on that. Did you ask a question some time ago about critters on your nectarines?

If you're getting fruit on some kind of stone fruit, then I'm not going to rule out the possibility of a low chill apricot.

I do know for certain that some apricots don't get enough chill just north of Sydney. But there are many other low chill varieties I'm unfamiliar with. So if you have nectarines that fruit, it may pay to target apricots that brag about being low chill.

I probably would have said no to nectarines, but if you've proved nectarines can do it in Gladstone, I'm not going to dissuade you trying an apricot.
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8th July 2018 6:31pm
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