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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

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Mje7720031 Forum Contributions
Dwarf apple varieties - Thanks David01 however I had already looked there and couldn't find one that self-fertile :(..37 days 13hrs
Pecan3 - Would Daley’s look into producing a dwarf pecan tree?..39 days 10hrs
Dwarf apple varieties - Is there a dwarf apple variety that is self pollinating or doesn’t need another plant to pollinate with? And is suitable for growing in Brisbane?..39 days 10hrs

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Pecan3 - Mark, I'm not in Melbourne, so can't comment on that. But Pecans grow well in the Perth hills, where we have neither deep river soil or humidity. Our summers are hot and dry and hills soil can vary. I have two which grow well, but I gave up watering..Liked Answer 39 days 10hrs
Pecan3 - Ive seen a Pecan in Melbourne - I would love to grow one if they ever develop a dwarf Pecan? They grow far too big (Tall)and need very deep river soil and humidity. Ok maybe if you have 50 acres on the Jameison River? This person with the pecan ha..Liked Answer 39 days 10hrs
Fertiliser help - I'm with John Mc here :) A varied diet is great for plants and little and often is my golden rule too. Some products - like Seasol (seaweed) - are more like a growth stimulator (eg seaweed contains substances known to promote leaf or root growth) and ..Liked Answer 126 days 8hrs
Fertiliser help - I personally use a variety of fertilizers, the bigger variety the better in my opinion, more often in summer, like every two weeks, a little, often. Everyone has there own ideas, I might be a little keener than the average but for flowers and fruit trees ..Liked Answer 126 days 8hrs
Fertiliser help - Hi Everyone, I was just wondering what fertiliser everyone uses? I am new to fruit trees and have heaps now, but am trying to work out what each tree needs and it is driving me crazy! NPK ratios are doing my head in and I am hoping for some advice on w..Liked Question 126 days 8hrs

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