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Avo L134's Edible Backyard

Joined: 19/10/20 Updated: 02/04/24 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Avo L134 Forum Contributions
Avocado fuerte help - Any update on your Furete? How is it looking?..244 days 0hrs
Avocado fuerte help - I don't think your Fuerte is going to make it. It is dying and the discolouration around the trunk is in my opinion beyond saving...267 days 1hrs
Avacado not looking well - Leaves are looking like that because the plant is diverting most of its energy into the fruit. As you have noted that your plant was looking great in previous years, but that was when it hadn't any fruit...415 days 22hrs
Plant id11 - I google Moth vine but this plant that is in my mum's backyard is definitely not Moth vine...421 days 2hrs
Removal large gum tree - You can't do anything until you get approval from your local council for you to prune/remove your gum tree. Without approval you risk getting a hefty fine for killing/removing you gum tree. ..433 days 23hrs

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Bandicoots and stripped leaves - Bandicoots dont climb so unlikely to be the problem. Leafcutter bees can leave a pattern that you describe, semicircular edges, common in that group of plants. Youre lucky to have them in your garden...Liked Answer 141 days 4hrs
Macadamia kernels go soft after drying - It is likely that the nut has not fully mature when you picked them off the tree/ground. You'll find that if you crack them straight immediately the white flesh is crisp and moist, and filling out the entire nut. ..Liked Answer 507 days 3hrs
Issue with bacon avocado tree - Hard to avoid, I don’t worry about it. This is my 5 year old bacon. Old leaves are falling off & are being replace by new ones...Liked Answer 584 days 3hrs
Dwarf avocado drooping - Poor drainage...Liked Answer 584 days 3hrs
Seedless grape vine - Hi Todd, I'm growing a few varieties in south coast nsw. Ive only been growing these vines for 2-3 years, have cut all flowers I've seen at this stage, so I won't speak to fruit production, however, hopefully can give some insight into ..Liked Answer 748 days 4hrs
Avocado disease identification - It looks to be in a very sunny position ? Young Avocado trees don't like full sun and are often planted out with shade cloth covers for the first few years in orchards. I would try that and also stimulate the soil biology with liquid kelp and compos..Liked Answer 805 days 21hrs
Gem avocado daughter of gwen - creek that is..Liked Answer 1121 days 0hrs

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