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Macadamia Kernels Go Soft After Drying

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Grubs starts with ...
I've been picking up macadamias from the ground a couple of times a week and dehusking them immediately and leaving the nuts in a pile on the kitchen bench to dry (as per instructions I googled up). After a couple of weeks drying I then go to crack open then nuts and the kernel has shrunk a *lot* so it only fills ~ 30-40% of the void inside the nut and they are soft - a bit like eating chewy dried apple - not at all like a yummy crunchy macadamia from the shop!

If I crack the nuts as soon as I pick them up the kernel is full size and crunchy a bit like a green almond straight off the tree (not the best eating).

I couldn't find anything on "the net" about soft kernels... does anyone have any ideas on whether I should be doing something different to process the nuts for eating...or perhaps the tree is missing some particular "crunchy nut" nutrients? The tree is 15-20 years old...totally unloved (no mulch, no water...just growing in a paddock).

...or is this just what you get because its growing in Melbourne?

Any ideas?
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16th March 2012 3:11pm
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john says...
You need more heat than just laying them out. Try the top of a hot water heater or low oven.
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22nd March 2012 7:53am
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davewastech says...
Getting the correct dryness is important commercially.
page 66 Section "e;Nut-in-shell drying and storage"e;
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13th May 2017 10:49pm
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