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Joined: 04/12/21 Updated: 28/01/24 Frost:
Location: TALLAI

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Flying dragon vs troyer citrange vs trifoliata - FD is the smallest tree size, about 1.5m, but very high fruit/space ratio per tree. Tri is about 3m, and commonly used on heavy grey river clays around here, in pref to other rootstocks. FD is also a type of P.trifoliata. Citrange is an orangeXtrifoliat..Liked Question 515 days 15hrs
Avocado type b - Thanks all. I purchased a Sheppard yesterday and will prune it to keep it at a manageable height. I hope both plants can survive my windy balcony 😅..Liked Question 516 days 1hrs
Lychee problem - Thanks for all your advice. Very helpful.Thanks again ...Liked Answer 522 days 11hrs
Drumstick tree - If someone could provide me some cuttings I will give them macadamia nuts in return if anyone is interested. Also out of interest there is a tree called a wampi (originating in thailand) that grows well in frost prone areas. Its bears fruit like a cross..Liked Question 534 days 23hrs
Black sapote not growing - Bazza, Your closeup picture of the sapote flowers and fruitlets is of WHITE SAPOTE not Black Sapote. Black sapote has simple leaves and different flowers. They aren't even related. ..Liked Question 549 days 14hrs
Which mango to choose - Hi Tommoz, I would not just be thinking about disease resistance and size but also which varieties might fruit in Sydney. Some mango varieties (e.g. Bowen) do not like Brisbane very much and do better further north. I should think the varieties that wi..Liked Answer 589 days 16hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - Try using miracle grow, 24-8-16 to get the dark green leaf color back. Miracle grow contains the essential micronutrients as well. Follow instructions to fertilize. Check the pH of soil, should be between 6.0 to 6.5 so that the micronutrients can be ab..Liked Question 705 days 13hrs

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