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Paolo's Edible Backyard

Joined: 15/10/09 Updated: 15/10/09 Frost:
Location: Werribee

About My Edible Backyard

Why Paolo Love's Edible Plants

As a Permaculture I always love to experiment with new things.

Some of my plants include:

1 X English Oak
1 X Chestnut
1 X Almond (All In)
1 X Walnut (Briquette)
2 X Walnut Black
2 X Hazelnut (Cosford)
1 X Hazelnut - Ennis
1 X Hazelnut - Halls Giant
7 X Pine Nuts (Pinus Pinea)
2 X Korean Pine Nuts
1 X Pecan - Cherokee (A)
1 X Pecan - Wichita (B)
1 X Pecan (Unknown variety)
5 X Fig (Preston Prolific)
1 X Fig (White Adriatic)
1 X Fig (Carica -Brown Turkey)
1 X Fig (Black Genoa )
1 X Fig Piconi
1 X Cherry Red (Sunburst)
1 X Cherry Red (Lapins)
1 X Cherry Red (Starkrimson)
1 X Cherry Red (Van)
2 X Cherry White (Napoleon)
1 X Peach (Elberth)
1 X Peach (Okee Dokee)
1 X Angel Peach - High Chill
1 X Nectarine (Nectazee)
1 X Apple (Golden Delicious)
1 X Apple (Crimson Crisp)
4 X Apple (U.V. Grown from seed Green Apple)
1 X Pear (Paradise)
1 X Pear (Baby Face)
1 X Pear (Nashi)
3 X Plum (Blue King Billy)
1 X Plum (Angelina)
1 X Plum (Greengage)
1 X Plum Gulford
1 X Apricot  (Moorpark)
5 X Apricot: (Cuttings Unknown type)
1 X Quince
3 X Loquat
1 X Olive (%u201CPick & Eat%u201D)
1 X Olive (Helena)
1 X Olive (Paragon -Frantoio)
1 X Olive (Corregiola)
1 X Olive (Arberquina Dual Kolossus)
1 X Olive (Giant Kalamatas)
1 X Olive (Jumbo Kalamata)
3 X Mulberry (Hick Fancy)
2 X Mulberry (King White)
2 X White Grapes (Rhine Riesling)
8 X White Grapes (Vitis Vinifera)
1 X White Grapes (Sultana)
1 X Red Grapes (General Variety)
1 X Red Grapes (Autumn Royal)
1 X Red Grapes (Black Muscat)
1 X Persimon "Fuyu" Non-Stringent (Orange)
1 X Persimon "Ichikikei Jiro" Non-Stringent (Orange)
1 X Persimon "Nightingale" Astringent (Yellow)
1 X Pomegranate
3 X Sugar Maple
2 X Box Elder Maple - Acer negundo
1 X North American Paw Paw
1 X Orange - Smooth Seville
5 X Yacon - Apple of the Earth
2 X Carob
2 X Hardy Kiwifruit - 74-49F female
2 X Kiwifruit - Male
3 X Kiwi Fruit (Female)
1 X Nashi Pear - Shinseiki
1 X Plum pine or Brown Pine
1 X Strawberry Gum
1 X Citronella Tree
1 X Small Leaf Tamarind
4 X Pistachios
3 X Bunya Nut
1 X Avocado - Fuerte (B)
2 X Monstera
3 X Mushroom Plant
1 X Babaco (Lifespan of 8 Years)
1 X Dwarf Banana (Gold Finger)
1 X Dwarf Banana Lady Finger)
1 X Dwarf Banana (Red Dacca)
1 X Dwarf Banana (Cavendish)
2 X Passion Fruit (female)
1 X Passion Fruit (male)
2 X Grumichama - Black
1 X Lemon (Dwarf Meyer)
3 X Lemon (Meyer)
1 X Lemon (Euroka)
1 X Lemonade Tree
1 X Lime (Tahitian)
1 X Lime - Kaffir
1 X Citron - Buddhas Hand
1 X Mandarin - Freemont
1 X Orange - Cara Cara
1 X Orange (Valencia)
1 X Grapefruit - Flame
1 X Grape Fruit (Wheeny )
1 X Kumquat - Variegated
1 X Bush Lemon Tree
2 X Pitaya - Yellow Dragon Fruit
2 X Kwai Muk
1 X Brazilian Cherry
1 X Guava - Strawberry
1 X Acerola Cherry - Florida Sweet
1 X Tamarind
1 X Davidson Plum - NSW
1 X Lilly Pilly - Bluey
3 X Drumstick or Horseradish Tree
1 X Riberry
3 X Macadamia
1 X Malabar Chestnut
1 X Guava Tropical or Hawaiian
1 X Avocado - Hass (A)
1 X Avocado - Secondo (A)
2 X Wampi
2 X Kumquat
1 X Peanut Butter Tree - Bunchosia
2 X Sandpaper fig - Birds Eye
2 X Pawpaw - Southern Red
1 X Chinese Waterchestnut
1 X Neem tree - grafted
3 X Atherton Native Ginger (Red Form)
1 X Native Ginger (Alpinea Coerulea)
1 X Cherimiya - White Seedling
1 X Pitaya - Vietnam Dragon Fruit
3 X Longan - Kohala Seedling
1 X Ambarella
2 X Coffee arabica
2 X Taro Japanese
1 X Candle Nut
2 X Ice Cream Bean
1 X Cedar Bay Cherry
1 X Screw Pine Pandanus
3 X Sea Grapes
1 X Mamey Sapote
1 X Santol
1 X Black Sapote - Seedling
1 X Sweet Leaf Bush
2 X Miracle Fruit

4 X Blueberry
1 X Red Currant
1 X White Currant
2 X Black Currant
4 X Strawberry
4 X Alpine Straberry
9 X Raspberry
5 X Black Raspberry
2 X Gooseberry
1 X Ceylon Hill Gooseberry
2 X Elderberry
1 X Cranberry
1 X Muntries
2 X Goji Berry
2 X Keriberry
2 X Midyim Berry

2 X Camellia Sinensis 'Austera' (Green Tea Plant)
1 X Jasminium Sambal (Jasmine Tea Plant)
6 X Stevia
1 X Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper)
1 X Salvia Elegans (Pineapple sage)
6 X Rosemary
4 X Sage
1 X Oregano
3 X Lavender
6 X Bay Leafs
1 X Coriander
1 X Curry Plant
1 X Sage
1 X Ginger
5 X Basil
5 X Mint
1 X Mint (choccolate)
1 X Woundworth (Self Heal)
2 X Soapworth (Saponaria Officinalis)
1 X Incense Grass (Hoerochloe Odorata)
10 X Comfrey
1 X Yellow Dock (Rumex Crispius)
1 X Nettle
1 X French Sorrel
1 X Cat Mint
1 X Gotu Kola (Arthritis Herb)
1 X Tansy
5 X Dill

1 X Synsepalum dulcificum (Miracle Plant)
2 X Saccharum officinarum (Black Sugar Cane)
2 X Arrowroot -Canna edulis Plant/Rhizome
1 X Pandanus amaryllifolius - Pandan Plant
1 X Lippia dulcis - Aztec Sweet Herb Plant
1 X Crescentia cujete - Calabash Tree plant
1 X Euterpe utilis Plant (Plam Hearts)
1 X Tulbaghia violacea variegata - Society Garlic Plant
1 X Colocasia esculenta Taro
1 X Artemisia absinthum Plant (Wormhood)

  Red Onion
  White Onion
  Sweet Potato
  Butter Pumpkin
  Water Melon
  Rocket Salad
  Silver Beet
  Thai Chilli
  Normal Chilli

I use the water from my acquaculture system (Silver Perch, Jade Perch, Tadamous Cat Fish) as well as the worm farm and Quails to provide for each other.

Quail 'manure' for plants, plants for human consumption, fish quails and worms, worms for fish etc....

The challange I am having at the moment is with the more Frost Sensitive plants as I still have to create a suitabple Micro-Climate for it.

Also if any one knows a "Passive Water Heating System' also when is cloudy that could work in Winter as well please let me know

Paolo Tiberi





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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Paolo Forum Contributions
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Thanks David, maybe we can exchange some cuttings and plants. Paolo..4699 days 3hrs
Cudrania tricuspidata chinese mulberry - In Victoria they are 'legally tollerated' as the water is too cold and would be impossible for this fish to survive any Victorian Creek or natural invironment. I too have T.mairiae and O.mosambicus. Hi Peter not sure were you could get them in SA...4710 days 0hrs
Cudrania tricuspidata chinese mulberry - Hi Peter I have Tilapias now, even better. They Breed easily and require very little attention. They still need warm water. I have used a pool protection plastic to warm the tanks up and 2 x 300 Watts Heater in use for only 4 hours a day to supple..4712 days 5hrs
Cudrania tricuspidata chinese mulberry - I found some option for water heating. Vacumm Seal Tubes... Still work on this one. Other option for thermal mass is tyres filled with soil behind the plants in need to collect the sun heat during the day and release it at night. Pond, water area..4722 days 9hrs
Cudrania tricuspidata chinese mulberry - Hi Benjamin, would it be possible to get some cutting of your Cudrania tricuspidata/ Chinese mulberry? I can give you some cuttings from any of my (290 fruit trees, some very rare) Paolo 0412 096 994 ..4731 days 3hrs

Brazilian Cherry

Paolo's Edible Fruits
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