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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

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MaryT Forum Contributions
Is ginger easy to grow - Very pretty, Brendan - hope it's cow proof :)..1843 days 6hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - I don't think asking growers to understand the potential problems of what they want to grow is being ignorant, dangerous and selfish but of course you are entitled to your opinion, Boris Spasky. Queensland is full of citrus trees, healthy ones. We were..1857 days 10hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Potty Permie please don't blame travellers for everything that moves. The problem is we as growers want to grow exotics. We import them and expect the attending pests and diseases to stay or go back to where they came. It is more important that gr..1857 days 11hrs
Security - If you want a fruit tree with thorns there are a number of citrus - bush lemons for example have long sharp thorns...1860 days 3hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Salsta I asked at Canley Vale today and they said they will have more in spring, though it sounds like stock will be limited. By the way do not click onto anything on the Canley Vale Nursery website because it has been hi jacked by the design company; th..1860 days 9hrs
Cherry of the rio grande - Don I was in Canley Vale nursery today and saw that they have a number of Rio Grande in stock...1861 days 3hrs
Wanted kakadu plum tree - You might have to get some seeds: http://herbalistics.com.au/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=562..1863 days 7hrs
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - Delldgm the pot size quoted is what the plant comes in...1864 days 23hrs
Buying seed from overseas - Maybe they've all been sacked to cut cost, Mike :) I know so many people still waiting to hear if they have a job after June 30; the government is taking its time handing down their decisions re funding...1868 days 22hrs
Honnefs surprise grapefruit - My tree has not flowered, so no fruit. As to the owner of the productive tree, he was disappointed with the flavour (extremely sour)...1868 days 22hrs
Honnefs surprise grapefruit - I've finally tracked down someone who owns a HS and though his tree is productive, he said it's not worth growing and advised me to get rid of it...1869 days 1hrs
King thai mango - VF I can only get to the Haymarket one; it's OK but not exciting. Maybe this weekend I'll hop on a train and go to Flemington. Wonder if they'll have mangoes...1869 days 12hrs
Identify avocado - It's worth trying, Jason because the kind of burn you describe can undermine the health of the whole tree...1869 days 13hrs
Sulfate of potash - Hi sunraysara, here's a link with some suggestions: http://www.ehow.com/how-does_5631502_happens-plants-much-potassium_.html..1870 days 2hrs
Identify avocado - OK Brendan - lime wash it is, for the organic garden. I read about the paint on another website; guess that's more for commercial application because paint won't wear off as easily. Anyway Jason I hope that's an option for you to prevent burns on you..1870 days 8hrs

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Graviola tree or soursop - It is worth looking at vroger's attachment.When the snake oil express collides with weird fervent religion oozing with Hubbard and Jim Humble it gives birth to the master mineral solution. ..Liked Answer 1982 days 14hrs
Graviola tree or soursop - vroger I don't think superstition, the supernatural or fairy tales is the answer. Facts for the vulnerable rather than faith or fleecing would be more empowering. ..Liked Answer 1982 days 22hrs
Graviola tree or soursop - A big problem is those people trading in unproven treatments and on the desperation of others.Whether soursop improves the prospects of cancer sufferers or any Garcinias work with weight loss is anybody's guess.I see the attachments from medical associat..Liked Answer 1983 days 11hrs
- ..Liked Answer 2005 days 13hrs
Looking for musa velutina - You mean it is driving you bananas...Liked Answer 2008 days 4hrs
Treatment for finger lime defoliating - Pretty much any grafted fingerlime you'll ever buy will be on trifolate rootstock. If this is the case, you water and fertilise exactly as you would any other citrus. Don't plant them out in the ground unless you want limited and/or sub-par fruit, th..Liked Answer 2009 days 11hrs
Display name - Maybe there was a fork in the road...Liked Answer 2050 days 7hrs
Jujube plants - Desert Limes range from the Nullabor to SA Flinders Ranges to Broken Hill To QLD. Seedlings or cuttings should be able to manage on less water than grafted, as Citrus rootstocks will require irrigation. The wild DL is also good at suckering, so could co..Liked Answer 2069 days 13hrs

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