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Kim14's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/02/12 Updated: 29/03/12 Frost:
Location: DIANELLA

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Kim14 Forum Contributions
Panache fig tree - Hi Danny333 I'll give you a couple of cuttings. What's your email address? Pick up Subiaco if interested. ..375 days 4hrs
Sweet leaf bushplant or changkok manis - Blooming nursery have them Rose. They're also available at weekend markets. If south, try canning vale, if north, try Newpark...978 days 10hrs
Quandong - Hi Marg Not sure if you saw the new ad on gumtree for cheap quandong plants: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/city-beach/plants/quangdong-native-peach-seedlings/1124237231 ..1011 days 11hrs
Quandong - Hi Marg Try Pablo - he has a stall at the Vic Park Farmers Market (East Vic Park). He was advertising some on gumtree not too long ago. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/victoria-park/plants/medicinal-rare-sacred-plants/1123540926 ..1015 days 1hrs
Okinawa sweet potato - White skin, slightly purplish flesh sweet potatoes are becoming more common in shops. The purple skin/flesh was also available at a few shops recently. I've seen both types at Farmer Jack's (marangaroo) and Golden Choice (Subiaco)...1015 days 1hrs
Size on limoncello - More than happy to post you the two remaining fruits from Joe's tree Brain. I've got enough seeds to keep me happy from the third fruit. My tree is only small but scions doable at a later date. Not peddling anything Chris. ..1380 days 9hrs
Size on limoncello - I'm fairly confident the Joe mentioned in Brain's link is the same Joe I got my fruits from. Had a taste earlier, and is as described in abovementioned link. Limoncello fruits look a lot like the millsweet limetta.....1380 days 12hrs
Spring is upon us - sounds like they're at fruiting age. Good luck! :)..1384 days 2hrs
Spring is upon us - so beautiful! How tall are the plants?..1385 days 9hrs
Spring is upon us - Very exciting isn't it? I'm in the garden every chance I get to check and double check everything. Is your Cherry of the Rio Grande from seed ivepeters?..1385 days 12hrs
Size on limoncello - jakfruit - the fruits actually resemble the developing fruits on my limoncello tree. I've read that too Julie. :) I want to grow out these seeds because I love plants that have a history. Re the blue pea, I think slugs ate two of the three see..1385 days 13hrs
Size on limoncello - Manfred, my limoncello had one mature fruit at time of purchase but was only the size of an armour mandarin. Not sure how it tasted as my mum picked it a few days ago. These are the limoncello fruits from the gentleman i met earlier today:..1388 days 2hrs
Size on limoncello - Met a gentleman earlier today who had a "limoncello" tree grown grown seed taken over with him from Italy many years ago. Not sure what the actual type is, but I'll grow out any seeds from the fruits he kindly gave me. :)..1388 days 3hrs
Dwarf eugenias in flower1 - very very nice Mike. Wow! How big was your matossi at planting time? ..1390 days 2hrs
Size on limoncello - The "limonchello" (spelling?) I got from Tass1 recently is said to be a sweet lemon. ..1416 days 11hrs

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Growing saffron flower - Jacqui, If my crocus are a success you will be welcome to some seeds. Not sure when that will be but I suspect next autumn. regards Haakon ..Liked Question 1056 days 1hrs
Spring is upon us - ..Liked Answer 1385 days 9hrs
White sapote golden globe - Hey A.C if you see this, i've noted no new buds or anything on the W/S and another section of the plant has basically wilted and dried up over a single night. Is this normal or should I consider actually moving it ASAP or throwing in more compost/ferti..Liked Answer 1387 days 3hrs
Jaboticaba4 - You could say this will be the first year, it produced 5 fruits at the end of last season..Liked Answer 1763 days 15hrs
Buying seed from overseas - You should start with checking the list of permitted imports, to make sure its allowed, then the packet labelling, the seed correctly labelled with permitted Genus + species, not just common name. ( You may need to ask for seller to label correctly, or ..Liked Answer 1868 days 8hrs
Buying seed from overseas - Check on aquis icon to see if the seeds are permitted. Sender to label the cliplock bag with scientific name and only use shredded paper, vermiculite or perlite packing inside but dry or clean moist seeds are ok. Brazil you will then get around 75% throu..Liked Answer 1868 days 8hrs
Buying seed from overseas - If you want to have mixed success and do the right thing, follow Jackfruit's instructions.If you want to win, this, of which I am not the original Author,the narrative first person perspective being someone other than myself, might be of help: Part ..Liked Answer 1868 days 8hrs

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