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Frenchie's Edible Backyard

Joined: 19/10/13 Updated: 21/09/19 Frost:

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Frenchie Forum Contributions
Avocado type b - Thanks for your answer SusiS. There is a guy locally selling dwarf Reed trees, and I was a bit suspicious that is in fact a dwarf. I really like reeds too, as well as Sharwil - well I think it is Sahrwil, green skin small seed very nutty and buttery (more..520 days 7hrs
Avocado type b - Hi SusiS, how would you rate the Wurtz and the Pinkerton - have you eaten any yet? What i the oil content like? Thanks!..524 days 9hrs
Dekopon in australia - So I planted my seeds as per Jakfruit's advice. 3 of the 4 seeds germinated. @ of them had only one offspring, the 3rd had 2 of equal size. They are all about 5cm tall and quite slow growing. They are under shade cloth - they probably need more light. An..1550 days 4hrs
Dekopon in australia - Thanks Jakfruit! I have put them in ziplock as per your advice. I'll let you know how I go. I might go and buy more fruits too, give myself more chances!..1648 days 3hrs
Dekopon in australia - I love the Daleys forum, I just discovered the Dekopon last week thanks to this thread... and by chance found some at my local Woolies yesterday. I have 4 seeds from 5 fruits... But I am a very beginner fruit grower. Anyone care to give a few tips for suc..1648 days 6hrs

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Yellow sapote - peetah there are many types of canitel which are often referred to a yellow sapote.Ross sapote,lucuma and tataruba could also be called yellow sapote. Good ones are moist and bad one are dry in the flesh.Bad ones taste like mealy sweet potato and boiled ..Liked Answer 158 days 0hrs
Panache fig tree - Hi Aus, panache is around, but chances are the people who have it won't give you any budwood/cuttings because of the secret squirrel culture. I am currently in the business of smashing this cartel of parsimony to pieces--and if I do say so myself,..Liked Answer 521 days 20hrs
Avocado type b - I had a wurtz for a couple of years, hundreds of flowers last year but no fruit so I added a pinkerton and this year I got fruit set on both trees. I have read some people get fruit with just a wurtz on its own but I had a little space for a second tre..Liked Answer 524 days 9hrs
Dekopon in australia - There we go, my first sumo flowers followed by my first sumo fruit. That didn't take long! The grafted and seedling trees came into fruition simultaneously. Still in pots...Liked Answer 863 days 3hrs
Grapes with muscat flavour - Some of the new "muscat" drying types are very early, may fruit before the rains+humidity really hit in NNSW. Wine grapes are also quite edible, but berries can be smaller + seedier than table grapes. Maybe work out what month the other successful NNSW..Liked Answer 1413 days 24hrs
Grapes with muscat flavour - Pink Iona came to mind when I read, it definitely has an interesting musky flavor. Don't worry about Daley's fair flavor comment, if you are not afraid of intense flavor it is good. Its just the blue cheese rather than the cheddar slices individually wrap..Liked Answer 1689 days 4hrs
Grapes with muscat flavour - Another excellent Blk and Golden muscat season shaping up. Still no mildew issues and taste is sensational...Liked Answer 1740 days 7hrs
For those of you who voted liberal - It is like a slow trainwreck.The level of misrepresentation and keeping the public in the dark has reached fever pitch.Why doesn't one journalist compare welfare budgets of Australia with other western nations,question the undermining of the free press,h..Liked Answer 2213 days 2hrs

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