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Jon's Edible Backyard

Joined: 21/12/08 Updated: 21/12/08 Frost:
Location: Melbourne

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Guerrilla gardening - Yeah, I was watching the show on the internet when I stumbled upon the site. They seem to create and maintain flower beds around the world...3692 days 19hrs
Guerrilla gardening - I've just been reading a bit about Guerrilla Gardening, where people find neglected pieces of land and plant trees, flowers and even vegetables on it. I didn't realise but there's a whole organisation on it: www.guerrillagardening.org Just wondering..3694 days 3hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Thanks, that's good encouragement :) All of the leaves off my Gwen tree have been eaten off while I was away for a few days. Anybody know what would have eaten it? The trunk is only about 2 centimetres thick; would a possum be able to climb it? Tha..3705 days 4hrs
Pumpkins1 - What is the best treatment? I've heard full cream milk and water... Are there any others? Also, what about white fly..3730 days 13hrs
Mangoes in melbourne mission impossible - Ahah, that's why I was a bit confused about the Alphonso variety...3741 days 9hrs
Melbourne fruit growing - Nectarines, apples, citrus, peaches plus a number of others. Tropical fruits can also grow here. Experiment and see what works :)..3749 days 3hrs
Avocado root rot - Also, I've been using a clay breaker soil treatment mixed in with water. Would that do a similar thing to gypsum or is gypsum more effective? Jon..3750 days 0hrs
Avocado root rot - No, I'll be sure to pick some up from Bunnings or a nursery next time I'm there. Thanks for the advice. And yes, the mulch should be a bit further away. It's because the birds keep on scattering it so I push it back up, forgetting to leave a space. ..3750 days 5hrs
Avocado root rot - Okay, thanks, that's exactly what they do and there are millions of them. I do have some white oil. Do you know what could be causing the problems with the leaves? Jon..3751 days 1hrs
Avocado root rot - Here are the photos. The Sharwill is looking much better though now. I gave them both a good water but I'm puzzled as it hasn't been too hot lately. Also, I've noticed all these tiny white moth-like things are always all over the plant, along with my c..3751 days 4hrs
Avocado root rot - Okay, just got back from the long weekend and the Gwen is looking pretty sad. The outsides of the leaves are brown as if burnt but it hasn't been hot/sunny at all. It has got some nice new growth though. Will take some photos tomorrow... Jon..3753 days 0hrs
Dwarf variety - Gwen is a a Hass grandchild or something and is supposed to be smaller than a Hass tree.....3757 days 4hrs
Stuck files - Good question. Lets see if this one will 'stick' after I comment...3758 days 2hrs
Pinkabelle apple tree - I bought a Pinkabelle today and it was much taller than I expected. I am impressed, considering the price. Jon..3760 days 23hrs
Mango in melbourne - Correy, what are Nam Doc Mai mangoes like taste-wise? I'd definitely consider getting one except I'm scared of Anthracnose. Would Anthracnose be a major problem in Melbourne? Jon..3761 days 7hrs

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