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Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: SYDNEY

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Size on limoncello - When you verify your info off a Facebook page then you really are headed for confusion. The FB post actually says 'supposedly', so there is already a degree of doubt. For some reason kim you keep peddling the idea that limoncello is 1) a named variety..1347 days 7hrs
Bergamont seed - Pay a visit to Engalls. They have all manner of unusual citrus. Grafted. http://www.engalls.com.au/Citrus/UnusualVarieties/tabid/62/Default.aspx..1351 days 15hrs
Rangpur lime - Diggers do sell the limequat...1371 days 13hrs
Multiple trees in one hole multigrafted trees - Duo planting may be fine for the dry, low humidity of So Cal, but in areas of humidity it requires far more management and more spraying, beyond the spare time of many...1374 days 11hrs
Size on limoncello - The lemon variety used in Italy for limoncello is Santa Teresa Feminello. I doubt it is available in Australia, but Boris you should know?? I have tried a home made version made with Lisbon lemons and it was far superior to those available from Dan Murph..1383 days 1hrs
Dekopon in australia - I would say the fruit I have had this year are a little high in acid then previous years. Either picked early or not 'cured' long enough. Their peak season has been in August...1393 days 8hrs
Passionfruit30 - Panama Red and Pandora (which Daleys describes as a P.R selection and more tropical than black) are not ideal for Sydney. If you can provide background radiant heat in full sun then perhaps is ok. I found my PR took too long to sweeten up and many that dr..1399 days 10hrs
Low chill apricot variety availabilty - It is not the mature height that is the problem. You just can't prune it back to a contained size every year like peach/nectarines and expect fruit...1429 days 10hrs
Low chill apricot variety availabilty - The problem up here is fruit fly. I pulled my CC out. They are not on dwarfing rootstock and I found if you keep pruning to keep it to a decent size to net, you ended up with very little fruit as it bears on older wood...1433 days 1hrs
Hardwood x railway sleeper raised vegetable gardens - Is this a question or an essay? ..1439 days 9hrs
Chokos - Is it possible to eat them?!..1469 days 10hrs
No subject41 - You've got it good down there Mark. I only started swearing when QUEENSLAND fruit fly infected my fruit. Believe me, citrus gall wasp is a minor inconvenience in comparison...1480 days 4hrs
Horseradislh - I disagree. The hyperlink "contact" is right above forum. As a production nursery rather than a nursery that just ships them in from secondary suppliers, they obviously found this was the most efficient use of time in handling queries. The idea some ha..1501 days 10hrs
Aldi citrus - They were selling the dwarf trees last month. Very limited choice. Only one variety for each type of citrus...1505 days 16hrs
Aldi citrus - Some really healthy trees again this week. Didn't see any blood oranges but I couldn't pass up a Cara Cara for $20. Superior to trees from Bunnings or Flower Power around here by a mile...1507 days 7hrs

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Spring quiz competition iii - 1. A wireless handheld device. 2. The oldest but most popular. 3. Infidel citrus. 4. If Popeye the Sailor Man was a fruit. 5. Legume gelato. 6. What Tasmania and Chile have in common. 7. What’s good for the berry is good for the gander. 8..Liked Answer 1348 days 3hrs
Lemon seedless - Just came across a new variety of Eureka Lemon - seedless. (And no, I don't get any royalty from the sale of this plant.) As this was something new, so naturally I just had to have it. :) This one is sourced from South Africa and was released only i..Liked Answer 1348 days 9hrs
Passionfruit30 - I'm a bit inclined to run with Waterfall and Sternus on this. (I didn't think Waterfall's response left any room at all for doubt which he thought was better). My first passionfruits were panama red seedlings given to me by an old tree-grower who had ..Liked Answer 1399 days 10hrs
Blueberry plants1 - Hello, I bought 4 bluebeery plants froma well known 'big box' store. They grew new growth, got tonnes of flowers and delicious fruit, then 6 months later, are all but dead. I suspect from my research, it was root rot. How can I prevent this from happeni..Liked Answer 1502 days 14hrs
Please help identify this citrus - Leaves do look like sublime leaves but sublime is quite upright and compact. I think it could be West Indian lime. (Btw, I have euraka, Tahitian, and sublime only, I don't have Meyer or West Indian to compare) ..Liked Answer 1557 days 14hrs
Plug for tamborine dragonfruit farm - He's a nice guy but yeah, Pretty disorganised. I don't think I'll seek out any more dragons, at this point I'm just working on getting more of the ones I have. By the way that thing I thought was going to be a Harrisia turned out to be an epiphyllu..Liked Answer 1597 days 3hrs
Fig - I couldn't agree more...Liked Question 1630 days 13hrs
Bunya - My tree is 30yrs old and I am just now really learning about it. This year it produced cones and from the descriptions read, it is female. Doesn't the Bunya need male & female to produce cones? It has never been around other Bunyas;how did this happen?..Liked Answer 1634 days 5hrs
Heirloom seeds - Hi , new at vegetable gardening and sprouting just want to get healthy! Any tips on what to grow would be appreciated Regards Dawn..Liked Answer 1635 days 12hrs
Graviola tree or soursop - The soursop is a tropical tree, hardy in a tropical climate but not elsewhere. The Cape Tribulation Exotic Fruit Farm sells the leaves the next harvest is in Jan 2015. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1snldImY8s8HKXrSW_g-VDuVX1BRT1A_znieqZk1cMTc/viewfor..Liked Answer 1656 days 13hrs
Rock dust zeolite etc supplies in perth - Just a quick note. A lot of kitty litter is actually sodium bentonite which is a super absorbent clay that is not really good for anything except cattle feed, kitty litter, and sealing leaking dams. ..Liked Answer 1983 days 2hrs
Cera trapsbarmac - To be fair, it is a Spainish co. where only Med fly exists. Unfortunately QLD f fly's first preference is ripe/ripening fruit. ..Liked Answer 2005 days 12hrs

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