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blueberry plants

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Elle starts with ...
Hello, I bought 4 bluebeery plants froma well known 'big box' store. They grew new growth, got tonnes of flowers and delicious fruit, then 6 months later, are all but dead. I suspect from my research, it was root rot. How can I prevent this from happening again? I want to buy 4 new plants and replant them in the 4 large wooden wine barrels I have. Would this be ok? Or should I get new soil?
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3rd April 2015 4:30pm
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Hey_alex says...
blueberries need good drainage so that could be your problem. Maybe try drilling some more holes in the barrels or using a better draining soil mix. It is also recommended that you remove the flowers and fruit for the first year or two after planting so that the bush can focus on growth, rather than fruiting. I know how hard it is to wait but you will be well rewarded for your patience!!
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13th April 2015 1:20am
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A.C says...
I grow blueberry burst blueberries. I mixed 50 percent azalea potting mix with 50 percent premium potting mix that had 20 percent more sand mixed through it.Mix all together.The sand I got was from a landscape supplier that makes its own potting mix.I got the potting mix sand from them.They called it a Washed filling sand.Its very fine.The sand draws water away from soggy particles in mix like wood and compost particles which keeps roots drier. Do not use playpit or beach sand it contains salt.I added couple handfuls of chook manure.The azalea mix has a lower ph and if you look at it very closely it contains more sand(more drainage)white particles.Blueberries generally require lower ph ,find out what you need, plant label or GOOGLE? .When you plant out measure soil ph with ph test kit.To make it more acid sprinkle some sulpher ,to make it more alkaline(unlikely you will have to) sprinkle lime over top soil. Check ph test kit for dosages and instructions. Make sure wine barrels are washed with a weak bleach solution and rinsed out before reusing. Also have sufficient drain holes at base of pots.
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Cowadilla S.A5033
15th April 2015 12:23pm
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