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Snottiegobble's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: South of Bunbury

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Young yellow papaya leaves - Hi guys, been a long time since I posted thanks to FB ( got a bit carried away with it). I have strong green leaved papaya already with a couple of fruit forming, at the other end of the scale is this! I have tried trace elements, urea, potassium, dolomi..1454 days 5hrs
Rabbit eyes blueberries selection - Yeah I used to live opposite a Blueberry farm in the Otways which was ideal acid mountain soil, & got to pick a few, but in those days I would say the taste was rather insipid! Either I have grown to like them after 25 years or they have many improved var..1826 days 3hrs
Rabbit eyes blueberries selection - Thanks Tomoz, both the Blue rose & Denise have flowers forming. What if I move them to the south side of the house in a draughty lane next Autumn? I dont know why Nurseries sell plants in areas that are unlikely to be any good, damned annoying!..1826 days 18hrs
Rabbit eyes blueberries selection - Long time no post, sorry everyone! Lately I thought I would try growing some blueberries in large pots & so started off with a Blue Rose, then got a Denise to improve pollination! I was enclined to believe that getting the right potting mix acidic enough..1826 days 19hrs
Going bananas at last3 - I live in SW Western Australia & I planted a single banana plant from Bunnings 3 years ago when bananas went up to $15 kilo due to storm damage both in Qld & Canarvon WA. I have thrown everything at it since including sheep, horse, & cow manure! Also chic..1979 days 22hrs

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