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Snottiegobble's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: South of Bunbury

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Snottiegobble Forum Contributions
Young yellow papaya leaves - Hi guys, been a long time since I posted thanks to FB ( got a bit carried away with it). I have strong green leaved papaya already with a couple of fruit forming, at the other end of the scale is this! I have tried trace elements, urea, potassium, dolomi..1386 days 9hrs
Rabbit eyes blueberries selection - Yeah I used to live opposite a Blueberry farm in the Otways which was ideal acid mountain soil, & got to pick a few, but in those days I would say the taste was rather insipid! Either I have grown to like them after 25 years or they have many improved var..1758 days 7hrs
Rabbit eyes blueberries selection - Thanks Tomoz, both the Blue rose & Denise have flowers forming. What if I move them to the south side of the house in a draughty lane next Autumn? I dont know why Nurseries sell plants in areas that are unlikely to be any good, damned annoying!..1758 days 22hrs
Rabbit eyes blueberries selection - Long time no post, sorry everyone! Lately I thought I would try growing some blueberries in large pots & so started off with a Blue Rose, then got a Denise to improve pollination! I was enclined to believe that getting the right potting mix acidic enough..1758 days 22hrs
Going bananas at last3 - I live in SW Western Australia & I planted a single banana plant from Bunnings 3 years ago when bananas went up to $15 kilo due to storm damage both in Qld & Canarvon WA. I have thrown everything at it since including sheep, horse, & cow manure! Also chic..1912 days 2hrs
Growing saffron flower - Strange, I bought 20 bulbs from Diggers around Xmas, kept them in their packets until end of march then planted them out in sandy soil with a little added horse manure dug well in, full sun. They all sprouted & 4 of them produced flowers since end of Apri..2210 days 10hrs
Oca nz yams oka - I have grown ocas in pots here in WA, but the harvest was poor with mainly small tubers suitable only for seed! In Springvale you should have no problems if you use a the largest tub you can find ( about $12 in Bussos & use good quality potting mix. Only ..2211 days 7hrs
March against monsanto - There were nearly 1600 at the Perth march & it was a lovely day to be marching around such a beautiful city while enlightening & educating people about Monsanto, GMOs & their intended control of this planet! All I can say is whatever you do keep all your ..2211 days 8hrs
Oca nz yams oka - That is good to hear Grahame. Oca were as easy a hell to grow in Vic.where the frosts at the end of May ensured that you harvested the tubers before the burnt tops completely disappeared! ..2217 days 24hrs
March against monsanto - The 25th of May will see 400 marches against MONSANTO in 50 countries! This the only peaceful way to demonstrate your objections to GMO entering your seeds,bulbs,corms,animals,food, feedstock your family & yourselves! Make sure Saturday changes your wor..2218 days 11hrs
Seeking feijoa fruit - I saw some feijoas hanging off trees at Margaret River that were as big as passionfruit! Is this the norm for them these days? ..2232 days 11hrs
Semi dwarf grannies anyone - I am looking for a Granny Smith apple suitable for a large tub! Anyone seen them in the SW Bunbury or Busso?..2243 days 4hrs
Oca nz yams oka - As a previous successful grower of ocas in Victoria, I find them frustratingly difficult in Bunbury climate so much so that unless you are absolutely determined to succeed at all costs, I would forget them! They obviously grow in the very temperate region..2243 days 10hrs
Big red passionfruit - Yes Amanda, I still have a Big Red, but it refuses to flower & its into its 3rd year! Not Happy Jan! ..2259 days 24hrs
Gmo corn chips - Its a hell of a worry when your gut is already predisposed with fighting just about anything that passes through it! I have to say that I am finding great relief by taking half a teaspoon of probiotic Acacia Senegal powder from Heather Van Vorous along w..2259 days 24hrs

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