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Red Dragon Fruit!

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snottiegobble starts with ...
Patience is a virtue when it comes to the prickly pendulous Dragon fruit, but here in SW WA this cactus will reward you with succulent fruit if you treat it just as you would other fruiting species! We have had ours 8 years planted in a large drum with a strong central support topped by an old adults bicycle positioned lying flat on top. Some of the spokes were removed at intervals so the plant could poke its growing sections through the remaining spokes & hang over the tyre like a parasol. The last 3 years we have been blessed with magificent fruit & this last autumn we harvested 17 of them!! Most cactus need very little in the way fertilisers, but Dragons like to be fed & watered regularly during the summer! regular applications of Chicken manure pellet, & potassium particular summer & autumn helps the plant to sprout flower buds which become the most exotic beautiful flowers which last just one night & part of a day! They quickly droop, become dry & shrivelled & are quickly replaced by the growing fruit that within 3 weeks you will be enjoying !
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2nd September 2019 1:21am
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Pauline Staff of Daley's Nursery says...
What an inspirational post on your dragonfruit. The key to lots of fruit is good care just as you say and ,yes, the important thing is to let the fruiting sections hang pendulously. This induces fruiting
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Pauline Staff of Daley's Nursery
11th September 2019 2:03pm
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