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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Pauline Staff Of Daley's Nursery's Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/02/19 Updated: 14/02/19 Frost:
Location: Kyogle

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Pauline Staff Of Daley's Nursery Forum Contributions
Rosella hibiscus - Hello, As Rosella is an annual at this time of year in cool climates the plant will be dying back. This makes them susceptible to disease and the branch will die back. Plant again in the warmth of spring...9 days 6hrs
Is this a kumquat disease - Hello, I'm wondering if a boring insect has caused this long thread like thing to be pushed out of a branch. If this is the case then it is best to prune off inside this lesion and destroy it. Check the cut to make sure there is no insect tunnel visi..9 days 6hrs
Coffe k - Hi Amal, 80cm would close your hedge very quickly, but if cost is important and you have the time you can go to 1.2m They tend to be columnar so regular tipping is recommended..52 days 7hrs
Mango tree disease8 - Hi Corinne, it's very difficult to tell from your photo but be sure to dispose of the prunings carefully as they may contain fungal spores or other pathogens that could cause problems for the next season's growth. Your local DPI might be able to..52 days 7hrs
Does tabebuia survive frost - Hi Rebeccaper, A light frost would be okay but below -1C you would need to protect the tree with a frost guard...52 days 7hrs
Pineapple plant - Hi Kristina, unfortunately no! They take about 18 months to develop their fruit in good conditions. Then you can regrow the top of the fruit and also wait for pups to shoot from the base of the plant - they will also produce fruit...52 days 7hrs
Menindee seedless struggling - Hi Chris, I would suggest mulch and fertiliser, but the one that is not performing has more! Have you fertilised? And as it is approaching winter don't apply to much. Have you thought of a seaweed or fish foliar spray and try it on the soil too to kick st..124 days 8hrs
Sedum morganianum - Hi Splottboy, this is not a plant we stock sorry. A local nursery may stock it or your local markets. Good luck with your search..124 days 8hrs
Avocado tree19 - Hi Jillybean, these sort of sudden downpours can be a problem for Avocadoes, especially if they are already stressed by prolonged drought. It may have succumbed to phytophthera, you may like to try a seaweed foliar spray if it still has some green leaves...124 days 8hrs
Fig identity - Hi Graham, looking at the fruit my guess would be Brown Turkey, but the shape of the leaves are different. Could it be a local selection? Your cuttings look wonderful...135 days 7hrs
Avocado trees12 - Hi Dave Avocados can be very tricky to grow, have a look at this for some growing tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Vx86SCX4w Young avocado trees are prone to sunburn and it is essential to protect them from very hot weather and sunshine when they ..135 days 7hrs
Aquilaria crassna3 - Hi Alex. This is not a plant that we sell, so I'm not sure what you saw on our website, sorry..135 days 7hrs
Tabebuia tree trunk developing splits - The mature bark of this tree tends to be smooth, so it does sound like some sort of problem. I'm not an expert but I would suggest painting it with a copper solution in case it is fungal. A plant's health starts in the soil, so make sure it is adequately..136 days 7hrs
Seedless table grapes - Have you had a look at Flame Seedless and Sultana H5 on our website? They would both do well in Melbourne's west. They will available for purchase on our Bareroot Catalogue in the next month or so. ..136 days 7hrs
Blueberry redringspot virus - Hi Kerry, your photo clearly shows the chlorosis of the leaves caused by alkaline soil. Adding ammonium sulphate is a good idea but it can take some time to take affect. I actually can't see red spots in the photo, but these may be blueberry rust developi..142 days 7hrs

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