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MyrtleTurtle's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 12/06/20 Frost:
Location: SYDNEY

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andy11 says... [1230 days 3hrs ago]
Hello, I am a keen avocado grower from Vic. And collect diff varieties. You seem quite knowledgeable about them. Would love to get in touch if u r keen and sharing info/varieties ect! Thanks! Andy. 0433090179

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Plant availability1 - Plants of Tasmania Nursery. http://www.potn.com.au/plant_list_S.html#samgau..403 days 7hrs
Unknown syzygium1 - I think this is a Syzygium..502 days 7hrs
Plant id5 - This one is a self-seeded mystery. New shoots are hairy, but not mature stems.....519 days 23hrs
Feijoa pollination - I heard Eugenia luschnathiana does not get stung, and that is supposed to be one of the best tasting...521 days 4hrs
Feijoa pollination - Sydney is badly afflicted. Every last fruit on a guava, plum or fig will be ravaged. Even thick skinned pomeloes have been damaged...521 days 4hrs

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No fruit from flavor supreme pluot - I have a Flavour Supreme that has been in the ground for 6 years. In that time with 3 other pollinizers in the same 'hole', I have had at most 7-8 fruit. I would suggest you did what I did recently, and write a note complaining to Flemings about the rele..Liked Answer 1096 days 8hrs
Eastern cape myrtle eugenia capensis syn zeyheri - Hi Myrtle Here are some pictures of E. Capensis syn Zeyheri. Apparently there is another nursery in OZ selling E. Capensis syn Zeyheri www.grevilleas.com.au (Windyridge Nursery) Happy Gardening :-)..Liked Answer 1262 days 6hrs

Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot (Cutting) 9/10

MyrtleTurtle's Edible Fruits
Update: 1322 days 1hrs

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Fast growing and biannual fruiting

Planted: 2015

Water Given in: Spring


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lendmove1 says... [1231 days 17hrs ago]
Anyone growing this? I am looking for photos of a mature plant's fruit and flowers. madalin stunt cars 2

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