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MyrtleTurtle's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 15/03/18 Frost: None

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andy11 says... [253 days 10hrs ago]
Hello, I am a keen avocado grower from Vic. And collect diff varieties. You seem quite knowledgeable about them. Would love to get in touch if u r keen and sharing info/varieties ect! Thanks! Andy. 0433090179

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Kiwiberry - Can definitely be grown, along with all other species of Actinidia. The main issue will be the need for a male vine. Any male kiwi will suffice, some have better bloom overlap than others...12 days 7hrs
No fruit from flavor supreme pluot - I was expecting my first crop on my Mariposa + Flavor Supreme double graft this year as the tree is now large enough. Sure enough half the tree (Mariposa) is loaded but not a single fruit on the FS. Anyone else in Sydney have this problem? I can't rememb..122 days 8hrs
Fruit forum1 - BOTANICAL NAME: Piper sarmentosum COMMON NAMES: wild pepper, kadok, bai cha plu,cha plu, bai som phou, sirih dudu, daun kaduk, betel pepper, la lot FAMILY: Piperaceae ORIGIN: Thailand and Vietnam Not to be confused with Betel Nut (Areca catechu). A..131 days 14hrs
Pomegranate staking - I would not only stake it, but re-align the tree back onto a straight vertical axis. You can maintain a pomegranate tree at 7 feet in any case...137 days 7hrs
Best month for planting seeds of kiwi - Keep in mind that kiwifruit seeds need stratification. Normally seeds would be planted in Autumn, so they get stratification. However, Yarraville is close to the water and probably not as cool during winter as needed. You can simulate stratification in th..137 days 7hrs
Sloe berries1 - The following 3 contacts may sell sloe berries to you: dawn_hendrick@hotmail.com, someone in the North Midlands of Tasmania mob:0409319405 and Andy in Grindelwald mob: 0447044480..138 days 7hrs
White sapote orchard in wa - I am sure that I once read a forum post mentioning a white sapote orchard with 20-something different varieties. From memory, it was located somewhere in Western Australia. If anyone can find that thread or knows more info, please respond. My dream is th..142 days 8hrs
Amelanchiers2 - A. canadensis is being sold by a nursery in Batlow (West of ACT). Trees are about 2m tall and $100...229 days 15hrs
Fruit tree which can grow in shade - Starfruit would probably work well. Also Asimina triloba, though it needs cross-pollination for fruit-set. Davidson plums would also work (tall and thin tree, acidic fruit)...256 days 2hrs
Eastern cape myrtle eugenia capensis syn zeyheri - That photo of unripe berries is taken from wikipedia and could be of a different (sub)species than what is growing in Australia. The taxonomy of African Eugenias was recently changed, and so Wikipedia's info may be out of data too. Part of the reason f..283 days 8hrs
Eastern cape myrtle eugenia capensis syn zeyheri - Anyone growing this? I am looking for photos of a mature plant's fruit and flowers if possible...288 days 7hrs
Lucky temperate members - Linton, I don't like the way you are referring to bees as 'doing their job'. I think it's rather demeaning and connotes some kind of non-consensual human-animal relationship that is based on servitude and exploitation. Regarding fruit, I would say your..296 days 18hrs
Dwarf ambarella1 - Hi Michael D. I got no response from their number. Can you tell me the exact location of the Smithfield market and the times that they are likely to have their stall?..301 days 5hrs
Holiday avocado in australia - Holiday (XX3) is just hype. Lamb Hass and Sir Prize Hass are better in almost every way. They are also trees that are semi-dwarf. Yields are better and tree growth healthier. SPH is particularly good in flavour and pulp ratio (83%). It is also a B-type. ..317 days 14hrs
Filling raised bed for avocados - Would highly advise anyone who wants grow avocado to start from seed. And I don't mean the glass and toothpick method, but planting some pits straight into the spot you want to grow the tree, having half the seed buried and the top half exposed. Keep well..317 days 15hrs

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No fruit from flavor supreme pluot - I have a Flavour Supreme that has been in the ground for 6 years. In that time with 3 other pollinizers in the same 'hole', I have had at most 7-8 fruit. I would suggest you did what I did recently, and write a note complaining to Flemings about the rele..Liked Answer 119 days 16hrs
Eastern cape myrtle eugenia capensis syn zeyheri - Hi Myrtle Here are some pictures of E. Capensis syn Zeyheri. Apparently there is another nursery in OZ selling E. Capensis syn Zeyheri www.grevilleas.com.au (Windyridge Nursery) Happy Gardening :-)..Liked Answer 285 days 13hrs

Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot (Cutting) 9/10

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Fast growing and biannual fruiting

Planted: 2015

Water Given in: Spring


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lendmove1 says... [255 days 0hrs ago]
Anyone growing this? I am looking for photos of a mature plant's fruit and flowers. madalin stunt cars 2

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