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No Fruit from Flavor Supreme Pluot

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MyrtleTurtle starts with ...
I was expecting my first crop on my Mariposa + Flavor Supreme double graft this year as the tree is now large enough. Sure enough half the tree (Mariposa) is loaded but not a single fruit on the FS. Anyone else in Sydney have this problem?
I can't remember if the FS flowered, but there was no shortage of pollen donors available.
Reading info from Dave Wilson indicates it requires 700 chill hours, so that could be it, but also it says the variety can be hard to set. Looks like another dumb choice from Flemings to release, they can't get much right. Flavor Rouge and Marcia's Flavor also poor setters or mediocre varieties.
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24th October 2018 7:45pm
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Gus R says...
I have a Flavour Supreme that has been in the ground for 6 years. In that time with 3 other pollinizers in the same 'hole', I have had at most 7-8 fruit.
I would suggest you did what I did recently, and write a note complaining to Flemings about the release of a very poor cultivar. They have so many other Pluots but refuse to release them to the retail market.
The response I got was stock standard without acknowledging plenty of evidence that suggests Flavour Supreme is a dud, a very erratic cropper outside its origin.
Mine will get the axe if the one fruit makes it to maturity.
It certainly never flowers prolifically for me.
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Gus R
26th October 2018 7:59pm
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Original Post was last edited: 26th October 2018 8:01pm
Markmelb says...
I had a response at the Garden show by the manager who agreed the Pluot i got back in 2002 was also a dud - since 2011 ive grafted heaps of others on it and got a productive tree - maybe 10 cvs including Tuscan Nectarine & Cotton Candy - 3 different Prune types as well as seedling Queen Garnet x 2 - so just graft away :)
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29th October 2018 11:58am
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nicarla says...
I have had plumcot for about 15 yrs ?name if it has any more than 4 a year would be lucky bees will not go near it .
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21st September 2019 7:16pm
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