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Huge avocado - hey vf2, sorry never realized until now as I'm making a trip to brizy, that u had replied to me. thanks for getting back! do u happen to know any more details or info about who/where this guy might be? or know of anyone else who grows the Anaheim variety ..100 days 15hrs
Huge avocado - WE GROW THEM BIG, it would be seriously awsome if I could visit or even just get in contact with you! I'm an avid avo grower from VIC. And have almost 20 varieties, Including post office. I am actually traveling trough Qld at the moment. My number is 0..355 days 17hrs
Huge avocado - hey Broadie, I know it's been a while, but do u have any info about that farm on my tamberine? and what the variety actually is? ..623 days 2hrs
Holiday avocado in australia - echinopora- that's true, that's where I got mine from last year. Mago Mike- I would def head over and get those last 2 trees as they seem to be the only nursery(retail) that sells them. And it doesn't sound like they will again, but u never no. I think t..703 days 16hrs
Black sapote doesnt set fruit - Hi. I have a 'Mayer' variety from daleys 3or 4 years old. Very healthy and growing well. Flowers profusely every year but all drop off as previously descibed by others in this forum. Love some help/tips! Thanks!..776 days 17hrs
Avocado noela - Anyone know if Noela avocado is available from other places than daleys? Or if Daleys is Ever going to have them for sale? Love any info! Thanks!..783 days 18hrs
Noela avocado - Hi just wondering what TFW is? And if u no if the linda is still available? Or if u no of any other places that has them?..789 days 16hrs
Huge avocado - Hi Dan. Thanks for sharing your insight. Do u know if birdwood is selling post office yet, And weather nurseries can buy these from them? Also, why do they call it Post Office when it has been trademarked Avozilla? Would love to know any other info u k..925 days 15hrs
Jacaranda seed - Re Denise1, I have plenty of white Jacarandah seeds, and have grown roughly a 100 already... So they r viable. Let me no if ur still keen? Re gimme, I'm guessing ur saying they have to be granted or else they don't come true to type? Will the produce l..1216 days 4hrs
Cowsroos eat bunyapecan trees - Hello, was wondering if any knows if cows eat bunya trees if they had the chance? and If kangaroos would eat young pecan trees if they had the chance? Thanks!..1503 days 3hrs
Monkey puzzle nut - Hey, not sure if those wondering where they could purchase a monkey puzzle tree found what they were looking for but the best I found was at: http://www.roraimanursery.com.au/index.php They don't seem to sell them online but I bought 5 from the nurse..1542 days 3hrs
Free pink tabebuia seeds1 - Hey I'm just wondering if there r still any free seeds? I think the original post was quite awhile ago but thought I'd ask anyway? Would really luv some! Thanks! Andy..1557 days 4hrs
Guava tees in melbourne - Could anyone tell what the best way to propagate strawberry guava's is? Do they go well from cuttings? I grew a couple of feijoa's from cuttings. And I also just bought a yellow and hawaiian guava. Would they do ok planted out with temps as low as -2? ..2646 days 19hrs
Avocado bacon - hey thanks alot for your help guys....really appreiciate your willingness to share what you know! hey so iv been collecting all the avo seeds i get now....and trying to grow them in a cup each, with tooth pics, ya know? (is that the best way to get them..2815 days 2hrs
Avocado bacon - hi, i was just wondering if i need another type of avo for my grafted bacon that i just planted, for it to friut? And if you could tell me how big/tall a grafted Bacon will get? thanks! ;)..2821 days 23hrs

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Avocados hass vs lamb hass - Potty Bob, I've heard great things about Maluma Avocado Trees, and would love to get my hands on one. The fruit quality is supposed to be on par or better than Hass, but bigger, and with a better flesh to seed ratio, and come on earlier in the season by a..Liked Answer 24 days 2hrs
Holiday avocado in australia - Markmelb with it being a seedling then it is as you know not Holiday.... However the owner my have a mother tree that is Holiday & why I am looking for a contact No. is to see if that is true & perhaps scionwood may be available..... Mike..Liked Answer 29 days 0hrs
Holiday avocado in australia - The Holiday Avo advertised for $59.95 is only a seedling - don't bother..Liked Answer 30 days 4hrs
Avocados hass vs lamb hass - Hi Davewastech, I would also choose Lamb Hass over regular Hass. The tree is more compact has better fruit set and is more resistant to sunburn. I have three of them in large pots. We have Mediterranean fruit flies in Perth and they don’t touch the a..Liked Answer 63 days 1hrs
Huge avocado - Late reply to Andy11, the giant variety grown on Tamborine Mt is called Anaheim. A local grower enters the big ones at the yearly Ag.show, and the biggest weigh close to a kilo. Sometimes they are available at the weekly local growers shed on sundays (usu..Liked Question 100 days 18hrs
Mexicola avocado - Just be careful re buying scions from overseas..... It maybe that Avocardo wood is not allowed to be imported..... You can't import Mango scionwood.... I would check first before spending dollars for an item I maybe can't get into the country. If you do c..Liked Answer 340 days 21hrs
Mexicola avocado - I got some scion a few years ago from Ann and managed to get a couple of grafts to take. The trees are only about a meter high, but are very healthy. Interesting to note that they are in the early stages of flowering too, even though I am down south in Vi..Liked Answer 340 days 21hrs
Huge avocado - hey Broadie, I know it's been a while, but do u have any info about that farm on my tamberine? and what the variety actually is? ..Liked Question 355 days 19hrs
Huge avocado - We absolutely love Avo season here on our certified organic farm and actually planted our first lot of Post office trees from Birdwood about 10 years ago now. We must admit that in regards to Avocados the Post Office's taste, texture and over quality real..Liked Answer 358 days 5hrs
Holiday avocado in australia - Holiday (XX3) is just hype. Lamb Hass and Sir Prize Hass are better in almost every way. They are also trees that are semi-dwarf. Yields are better and tree growth healthier. SPH is particularly good in flavour and pulp ratio (83%). It is also a B-type. ..Liked Question 404 days 5hrs
Holiday avocado in australia - $500 yikes! But good to know it is in the country. Hopefully the price will come down over time...Liked Answer 404 days 5hrs
Holiday avocado in australia - I saw one on ebay but the seller is wanting $500 plus postage. Apparently located in Gympy QLD..Liked Question 406 days 5hrs
Avocado noela - Thanks Lissa, Yep, I did reach out to Daleys directly, and sadly they said it could well be years before they have stock of the Noela Avocado again. While we wait... Anyone here have a Noela avocado tree or pictures of the fruit? Would be awesome to..Liked Question 533 days 4hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Hi Deanna, any chance of getting a couple of seeds of your avos, say if & after you do get a crop? Ta. I have 10 avo trees, half are seed-grown and half are grafted. Maybe we can swap some seeds of the seed-grown avos if you like? Photo is of a large s..Liked Answer 701 days 1hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Dave the cold wont hurt them even when tiny unless your seeing below 0c. Probably aim to plant them any time after August 15th. But once you reach that date the soon the better, the faster the roots can develop in the first season in the ground the better..Liked Question 709 days 15hrs
Avocado growth rate - Your Avocado is 1000% perfectly healthy, the old leaves turn yellow and fall with the new growth every year. Exactly the same theory as leaves turning yellow/red in the Autumn as the tree reabsorbs the nutrients. Deficiencies or excess salt in Avocados do..Liked Answer 755 days 15hrs
Black sapote doesnt set fruit - I started getting good fruit set when I got another grafted variety - Bernicker tastes pretty good - didnt like my mossman much but is still early days. I think you will need 2 to get fruit...Liked Answer 773 days 1hrs
Lamb hass avocado1 - Lamb has definitely a smaller grower. There is a PowerPoint on the web somewhere with some good info about lamb hass. I'll try to find it. Some avo farmers I spoke to recently didn't rave about the fruit ( they had both tasted it) . I'm growing one in ..Liked Question 898 days 14hrs
Lamb hass avocado1 - This Is lamb hass i planted it in this 400mm pot earlier this year and it's doubled in size in a matter of months I think it's going to get rather large ..Liked Question 905 days 4hrs
Lamb hass avocado1 - Reed is still in the middle of flowering here right now, amazingly late. Hass finished flowering a week or two ago. Rincon flowers first here, which wasn't long past Winter, then Bacon. Ettinger flowers around the same time as Has but Reed is later again..Liked Question 905 days 5hrs

Pecan - Shoshonii (B) SP (Grafted) 8/10

Andy11's Edible Fruits
Update: 1566 days 19hrs

Fruiting Months January, February, March, April, December

Planted: 2014

Height 3 metres

Growing: In the Ground

First Fruited: 1 Years from purchase in pot

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Pollination: Self Pollination

Organic Status:Organic

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