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Paul W's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Warragul

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Pouteria lucuma - Thanks Scott, I'll give that a go and see if that makes a difference..1063 days 1hrs
Pouteria lucuma - Hi Scott, I have a tree that it's about 10 years old from seed that flowers each year but never sets fruit. Do you have any idea what might be stopping it from fruiting? ..1064 days 23hrs
Mexicola avocado - I got some scion a few years ago from Ann and managed to get a couple of grafts to take. The trees are only about a meter high, but are very healthy. Interesting to note that they are in the early stages of flowering too, even though I am down south in Vi..1086 days 12hrs
Red bayberry - Yoda. What it's the latest on the availability of the bay berries?..1444 days 2hrs
Red bayberry - Wow, that is very exciting news. Thanks so much Yoda, can't wait!!!..1496 days 2hrs
Red bayberry - Thanks Mark, but given these are not known cultivars (I assume they are seedlings)do you think they will be worth while? Also, as you need male and female plants, this further complicates things. What are your thoughts?..1497 days 7hrs
Red bayberry - I am currently traveling in Japan and have come across lots of bay berry trees. They have set fruit but don't look like they will be ready to eat for another couple of months (see pic). I am toying with the idea of buying some trees and trying to send th..1498 days 1hrs
Avocado pollinators - Bees are definitely working mine (as well as hover flies) but I have 3 bee hives on site which obviously helps. Avocado flowers are not preferred by bees generally though...1708 days 2hrs
Avocado grafting1 - Its about 5 weeks since I grafted the mexicolas. At this stage it looks like I have about 60-70% success rate which I am happy with given that Anne sent the scion through the post and that they went through a heat wave shortly after grafting. I set up a m..1924 days 11hrs
Pouteria lucuma - Hi Jantina, can you send me your email again as that one keeps bouncing. Hi David, I'll put you on the list if anything comes of it...1930 days 3hrs
Pouteria lucuma - Happy to send out any seed if they do end up setting fruit. Jantina, pretty much all of the bayberry seeds germinated (the giberelic acid seemed to do the trick) but I could not keep them alive for some reason. I think there is one sick looking plant lef..1930 days 4hrs
Pouteria lucuma - My Lucuma put flowers out the last couple of years, but only one or two each time and none set any fruit. This year there are about 30 or so, so I am very hopeful. I was disappointed though as the flowers would swell and reach a certain size before the pe..1931 days 3hrs
Pea eggplant seeds - Yes,that's it still Phil. I have successfully grafted eggplant onto the devils thorn and onto the wild tobacco, but am keen to see how it goes on these. Thanks fruitlovermyles for the tip, I'll give that a go and see if that helps. I would have thought..1938 days 18hrs
Pea eggplant seeds - Hi Phil, I bought some seed on eBay but none of them germinated so if I can get some off you that would be great. What is your email and I will contact you with my address ..1939 days 3hrs
Avocado grafting1 - This is a picture of a graft I did last week. Anne posted on here a few weeks ago about her Mexicola avocado so I asked her if she could send me some scion which she kindly did. Heres hoping a few take...1955 days 1hrs

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Avocado pollinators - It is a checkered fly and you will need to consult a Diptera key to pin it down.Ants,native bees.moths and butterflies and beetles will probably be doing some pollination...Liked Answer 1718 days 1hrs
Cherimoya dormancy in victoria1 - How long have you had those trees? were the leaves on them grown in your climate?, if not then that's normal..Liked Question 1734 days 2hrs
Persimmon not growing1 - hi, i planted a flat seedless variety 6months ago and it has done zip.. No new leaves. It got hit with hail shortly after planting and i have read they are slow but i was expecting at least one new leaf. I scratched the bark and it is green butcan anyone ..Liked Question 1917 days 2hrs
Pouteria lucuma - Personally I don't know what grows in Bali and I doubt it would be anything that would be too happy down here (having said that we did get edible bananas this year, small but sweet). Hope you have a fantastic trip...Liked Answer 1927 days 3hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - Hi Avolover, try giving your tree a good dose of Gypsum, and some extra 'P' & 'K' fertilizer plus trace elements. Is the tree well mulched? They love mulch...Liked Question 1937 days 3hrs
Mexicola avocado - Anne, i don't know if it is a variety worth propagating. Maybee some knows? If so, I would be interested in getting some scion wood off the tree to make new trees, and distribute to those interested.... I don't know if I can graft in summer/autumn but I..Liked Question 1972 days 2hrs
Shahtoot mulberry2 - Hi all, I just want to set the record straight for people experienceing massive fruit drop just before ripening like I did. I found out that the tree needs to be well established before it would hold any fruit to full ripness. I planted my white shah..Liked Answer 1976 days 2hrs

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