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Paul W's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Warragul

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Pouteria lucuma - Thanks Scott, I'll give that a go and see if that makes a difference..1288 days 4hrs
Pouteria lucuma - Hi Scott, I have a tree that it's about 10 years old from seed that flowers each year but never sets fruit. Do you have any idea what might be stopping it from fruiting? ..1290 days 2hrs
Mexicola avocado - I got some scion a few years ago from Ann and managed to get a couple of grafts to take. The trees are only about a meter high, but are very healthy. Interesting to note that they are in the early stages of flowering too, even though I am down south in Vi..1311 days 15hrs
Red bayberry - Yoda. What it's the latest on the availability of the bay berries?..1669 days 5hrs
Red bayberry - Wow, that is very exciting news. Thanks so much Yoda, can't wait!!!..1721 days 4hrs

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Avocado pollinators - It is a checkered fly and you will need to consult a Diptera key to pin it down.Ants,native bees.moths and butterflies and beetles will probably be doing some pollination...Liked Answer 1943 days 4hrs
Cherimoya dormancy in victoria1 - How long have you had those trees? were the leaves on them grown in your climate?, if not then that's normal..Liked Question 1959 days 5hrs
Persimmon not growing1 - hi, i planted a flat seedless variety 6months ago and it has done zip.. No new leaves. It got hit with hail shortly after planting and i have read they are slow but i was expecting at least one new leaf. I scratched the bark and it is green butcan anyone ..Liked Question 2142 days 5hrs
Pouteria lucuma - Personally I don't know what grows in Bali and I doubt it would be anything that would be too happy down here (having said that we did get edible bananas this year, small but sweet). Hope you have a fantastic trip...Liked Answer 2152 days 6hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - Hi Avolover, try giving your tree a good dose of Gypsum, and some extra 'P' & 'K' fertilizer plus trace elements. Is the tree well mulched? They love mulch...Liked Question 2162 days 5hrs
Mexicola avocado - Anne, i don't know if it is a variety worth propagating. Maybee some knows? If so, I would be interested in getting some scion wood off the tree to make new trees, and distribute to those interested.... I don't know if I can graft in summer/autumn but I..Liked Question 2197 days 5hrs
Shahtoot mulberry2 - Hi all, I just want to set the record straight for people experienceing massive fruit drop just before ripening like I did. I found out that the tree needs to be well established before it would hold any fruit to full ripness. I planted my white shah..Liked Answer 2201 days 5hrs

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