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Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022
Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022Gardening AustraliaJuicy MangoAstringent and non-astringent varieties

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First fruit sugar apple seedlings - About 1.5 years ago, took pity on 2x sad looking, 6-inch annona squamosa seedlings in Bunnings bargain bin... Now at only 2 years old, with no hand pollinating required, they have put on several nice looking, decent sized fruit. Very different from each o..2642 days 10hrs
King thai mango - This is about the best pic I have... you can see the last 2 fruit still ripening. Have heard it called 'rainbow' mango. Maybe this is why? And huge mature leaves! The 4 nice even branches have popped out at 1.8m (and there is almost no sign of where I top..2676 days 9hrs
King thai mango - First fruit from my Dwarf King Thai... still has a few more hanging on the tree. Smaller than anticipated but probably due to tree maturity? Tree is 3yo, healthy, v hardy (ie survived severe lawn grub attack while still in a pot, drought and all day, f..2679 days 9hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - That is exciting! Were you able to pass my info on.....2867 days 8hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - Thanks Mike Tr... Which nursery do Peter / Trina belong to? So I can hound them ;) And that is a true shame about the SM. I had one of those but my 2yo clubbed it wth a rake 6 hrs after planting. I was devastated. Is hanging in there, with one sad little ..2894 days 10hrs

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Krasuey sapodilla - My 2 big krasueys are still pumping out the fruit so much better than the sawo manila I also retained or the prolific that volunteered for mulch patrol...Liked Answer 2906 days 13hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - Attention Ish I now have a few seeds to spare of Krasuey Sapodilla if you still need. But judging by a few comments, it might be a long wait for them to grow. Cheers! ..Liked Answer 2929 days 12hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - North Thailand location These are grown locally and almost always available Seed trades welcomed..Liked Answer 2948 days 19hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - I am getting some of these seeds from the above. Can anyone advise if seeds of Krasuey Sapodilla will grow true to type? In some ways, seeds are better down here for borderline species in Melbourne's climate as I have found seedling trees to be much mo..Liked Answer 2948 days 19hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - I'm wondering the same Linton, I currently have a Krasuey and Sawo Manila growing from seeds, so it'd be interesting to know? I imagine this will take a very long time to reach any sort of height or fruiting here though lol...Liked Answer 2948 days 19hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - According to the information just received, the Krasuey seeds will grow very close to type. There may be some small variations but they have very sweet fruit and produce good crops...Liked Answer 2948 days 19hrs
What is potash and tell me why - Hi, Elf, Seems you need it to actually get Fruit !! A friend of ours in another area planted passionfruit the same time as we did last October (08). He got loads of fruit, we got one. "Potassium - it's a lack of patassium" he said. Sulphate of Pot..Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
What is potash and tell me why - I use wood ashes sometimes, but my soil tends to be a bit acid. For anyone living with alkaline soil, I would be wary, as it can raise the pH. ..Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
What is potash and tell me why - Hi Elf, Potash in essence is a source of potassium (element K). Potassiums main attribute to to increase overall plant health. It assists in protecting plants from stress and disease. It is associated with water use and conservation, and moves nutrien..Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - I can easy get lamut seeds but have no idea about the variety. I bet even the vendor has no idea. I grafted lamut sida (wongyai) onto a giant sapodilla from vietnam and it grows well. That sapodillatree also grew fast. Personally i like the giant la..Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - I called Helgas and they only have small seedlings - any more ideas - maybe ill try Kath when my seedlings are big enough?..Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - Lamut is the Thai word for sapodilla. But Krasuey is indeed a variety that originates in Thailand...Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - Chester sold a few a couple of years back at Forbidden Fruits Nursery, but I think he sold up so they don't do the rarer cvs any more, just ordinary (mostly seedling)stuff? Anyway, Im ashamed to say I killed one. Out of the four I had, this is the only on..Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - Try and get into contact with the forum member Kath (from Cawonga), as she has a Krasuey and may know where to get them from...Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - Really only Daleys produces named cultivars of sapodilla. I'm guessing something happened to their source tree for budwood. Try Helga's nursery near Cairns. Their online catalogue doesn't include everything they grow. Maybe just plant a seedling for now..Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - Im no expert and currently don't grow Sapodilla, but yes you are right in thinking it is up there with the best, if not the best cultivar available. You are also right in thinking its the best but this is subjective, due to lots of variables, and lastly y..Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - I got a BKD110 Dec 2014 and a Prolific mid Jan 2016 - did you have on wish list to be notified - Im in melb and the former (BKD110)has been trying to set fruit all summer - both grow totally different too. Ive been waiting 3 years for Krausy...Liked Answer 2971 days 6hrs
Companion plants - With fruit trees I often think of shade when growing trees together for instance deciduous on the north side, so the sun goes through the branches to citrus and other evergreens during winter. Also growing acid loving undergrowth like strawberries, bluebe..Liked Answer 2980 days 19hrs

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