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First Fruit Sugar Apple Seedlings

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Ish starts with ...
About 1.5 years ago, took pity on 2x sad looking, 6-inch annona squamosa seedlings in Bunnings bargain bin... Now at only 2 years old, with no hand pollinating required, they have put on several nice looking, decent sized fruit. Very different from each other - one bigger than my fist, bright green initially, turning a custard yellow with a pink blush as it ripens. The other, a little smaller, was initially grey / blue - a nice surprise when it ripened to purple / red... I love these precocious, prolific, happy little trees - they seem to thrive in the Brissie climate (initially tried to set fruit at 6 inches!). Anyone else growing them? Any stories / tips?
Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2
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19th April 2017 4:22pm
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Markmelb says...
Ish - well done - can you do a wider pic of two plants and a tasting description as well as cut in half pics before its devoured - to see how seedy they are? Thanks :)
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19th May 2017 9:54am
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