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Salsta's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Gippsland

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Banana varieties were missing out - Sandy, I have several cool climate varieties. I'm happy to share pups if you can come to Drouin to get them...3069 days 23hrs
Fig blue provence - I got a Blue Provence fig from Diggers ~18 months ago. This is the first fig from it, picked today. It doesn't look at all like I expected, in fact, aside from the enormous size of the fig (it's on a dinner plate) it's more like my St Dominique than..3071 days 16hrs
Banana2 - Here are most of my lot now, they're growing in West Gippsland, Victoria. From left they're Pisang Ceylan, Red Dacca, Goldfinger and Blue Java. There's a Santa Caterina Prata going well to the right of the photo. I have a few more babies growing ..3157 days 24hrs
Banana2 - I've never had any interest in plantains until that description, Sternus. Now I think I ought to try growing them too...3158 days 0hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Thank you very much hk27! It does help, very much...3363 days 11hrs

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Chuoi cau banana plant - Yes, that is monkey banana, so Cheap MaryT and very fresh too. In Australia you can buy those in Asian shops for about $6 to $10 per kg..Liked Answer 2860 days 10hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Not sure if this is what you are talking about but I just bought a hand for A$1.50 in Hong Kong. Yes, sweet with paper thin skin...Liked Answer 2860 days 10hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Do you know how tall the Chuoi Cau grows, John? I'd like to find that out for my garden planning but haven't been able to as yet. As it's the one I'd most like to pamper, I'd really like to find out, so I can plan where to put it ahead of time...Liked Answer 2860 days 10hrs
Banana2 - Here is a photo of my Banana from a couple of weeks ago, I picked up the original plant form a couple in Rye who have been growing bananas for decades in Melbourne. I wasn't sure they would ever fruit but just before Christmas I spotted the flower. The p..Liked Answer 3056 days 22hrs
Banana2 - If that's Deer Park in Melbourne, there is a big banana plant in a private house near the corner of Milleara Rd and Keilor Park Dve, you can see it from the street, near a corner if I remember rightly. You might be able to dig up a few unwanted suckers. ..Liked Answer 3064 days 2hrs
Banana2 - What makes you think you can't get decent bananas in Melbourne? I believe these are Blue Java. The flower opened mid October I think, perfect timing in my opinion to get some fruit here in Melbourne. I had a Dwarf Ducasse that had a flower in Autum..Liked Answer 3064 days 2hrs
Banana2 - Hey Dougie, looking good. Just remember to keep the manure and the water up to them. Bananas are voracious feeders and will always respond well. In the past i had my crop being watered from the shower using phosphate free soap.Added to that copious amount..Liked Answer 3071 days 13hrs
Banana2 - We've got 2 chooks in our back yard so when I've been cleaning out their pen the Bananas have been receiving the benefits. Nice to have a good backyard ecosystem. Next on my list is to get a worm farm set up as our fruit and veg leftovers are too much f..Liked Answer 3071 days 13hrs
Fig blue provence - this guy's a nice blue .. ..Liked Answer 3071 days 16hrs
Fig blue provence - here's my first it has a slight tinge ov blue.. and was quite nice.. ..Liked Answer 3071 days 17hrs
Panache fig tree - Hi, I would like to add a Pingo De Mel to my very modest collection of figs (VDB and Black Genoa). There seems to be a few circulating in Australia atm. I have contacted a few members (in another online forum) but I have not received any replies (da..Liked Answer 3136 days 21hrs
Banana2 - Dwarf plantain sounds like a winner. Fried plantains are fit for a king, especially thai style. Down the track when you have pups. I'll look you up for a trade, I've landed some killer stuff recently you'll probably want for the collection...Liked Answer 3157 days 24hrs
Banana2 - The super dwarf has only been out of the gro-bag and in the ground for a couple of weeks- it can only get better from here. This is a Chinese dwarf plantain, taking ages to fill out...Liked Answer 3158 days 0hrs
Banana2 - I would just leave it what you have is the one they mcall seniorita they are small but very sweet they are expensive bananas and hard to find leave it alone and let it ripped you will love it..Liked Answer 3158 days 0hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Hi Salsta, this is my Chuoi Cau. The height of it from base to tip was about 4 metres. The bunch (fruit) was about 2 metres from the ground (see picture). I hope this answers your question..Liked Answer 3363 days 11hrs
Dragon fruit - Hi Simon, I've already thrown out the excess seedlings unfortunately. Although I can probably spare u a cutting of one of my larger plants. I have a magenta fleshed variety grown from seed and an unknown variety that has purple flowers instead of white...Liked Answer 3380 days 13hrs
Dragon fruit - Hi sasha, There was a commercial dragonfruit farm near Toronto (newcaatle) untill a few year ago. The vietnamese owners must have since retired and the new owners just let it run into the ground. I go around there every year and pick a couple of bags ful..Liked Answer 3380 days 13hrs
Dragon fruit - Yes, definitely, Mary. In their native habitat, the cold season is the dry season. If they are cold and wet at the same time, they rot. If you live in a temperate zone, you must protect them from rain in winter. In tropical places like Darwin you don't ..Liked Answer 3380 days 13hrs
Dragon fruit - Hi Guys, Just thought I'd post an updated pic of my American Beauty Dragonfruit seedlings...Liked Answer 3380 days 13hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Chuoi cau..Liked Answer 3386 days 19hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - I'm back after another beer and coral trout.Speedy it is West Indian Arrowroot.the big pungent one is a Curcuma relaed to tumeric...Liked Answer 3386 days 19hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - I've treated this variety like any other and failed. I now have one in a large grow-bag giving it plenty of care and nutes, I'd love to see this variety in fruit before I drop off the planet...Liked Answer 3386 days 19hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - so many names for so few bananas ! Chuoi Cau = Pisang Mas = Sucrier = Monkey Finger = Kluai Khai very different to Lady Finger here in Australia though the name is used for above overseas .. Ladyfingers are not allowed in my area so I have no experin..Liked Answer 3386 days 20hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - If you look at the variety lists for Florida,Indonesia,Thailand or Brazil you see how few varieties we really have.OIur obsession with cavendish types means there is even less variety. ..Liked Answer 3386 days 20hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Oops found your reply :) thanks! With all these interesting banana genetics now in country you'd think a backyard tissue culture lab would clean up! The guys over on the ornamental banana forums sure know their stuff Producing hundreds of plants using..Liked Answer 3386 days 20hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Hi Michael, Chuoi Cau is a popular banana type in Vietnam. A bunch is about 400 - 1000g. And the banana size ia bout a thumb or slightly bigger. You are right about its paper skin and sweetness. And the banana inside has a dark yellow color. Only I ..Liked Answer 3386 days 20hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Hi salsta, I better not give the banana because of the uncertainty in its var. Hope John mc or someone else would give you 1 chuoi cau. Happy gardening..Liked Answer 3387 days 0hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Hi Thithi . your chuoi cau have fruit yet ? are you sure this is chuoi cau ,because when look at the picture it doesn't looklike chuoi cau ( chuoi cau have a little pink colour on the trunk )like the picture from John mc. Maybe I'm wrong..Liked Answer 3387 days 0hrs
Banana2 - A question I've no answer to I'm afraid. I can only say that they're heavenly...Liked Answer 3388 days 5hrs
- ..Liked Answer 3388 days 5hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Canley Vale Nursery would be your best bet Siri. I'm rebuilding stocks, keep giving away more than I should,..Liked Answer 3393 days 19hrs
Banana2 - Hi Amanda, There are several reasons why I bother... 1. Bananas are my favourite fruit. 2. The supermarkets only stock 2 varieties. 3. I've been told they they can be successfully grown in Melbourne (and would like to see for myself). 4. I've alw..Liked Answer 3432 days 14hrs
Banana2 - I do not live in Melb anymore but saw a banana plant with a bunch of fruit on it in a backyard last year. Around Clayton way...Liked Answer 3432 days 14hrs
Banana2 - they really need an inch of rain a week , every week to get nice fat fruit . wait until the fruit has rounded out before picking . it will be very angular now . can take up to 6 months depending on what type it is . wait until you hear the fruit bats scre..Liked Answer 3432 days 14hrs
Panache fig tree - A capri fig cutting would be great, would cut a few years out of having to germinate one! Ill keep your VDB in mind Sternus, I actually have great hope that I will have my hands on a couple of cuttings in the near future, if all goes according to plan...Liked Answer 3458 days 19hrs
Panache fig tree - The Jerusalem sounds nice.. Have you tried its fruit yet ?..Liked Answer 3458 days 20hrs
Panache fig tree - Abandon all hope of that Kim. They're like crack...Liked Answer 3458 days 21hrs
Panache fig tree - thanks for the confirmation Sternus. Hope to join the fig craze soon... I'm also offered cuttings of White Adriatic, so maybe this will be the start of a new obsession. ..Liked Answer 3458 days 21hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Salsta I asked at Canley Vale today and they said they will have more in spring, though it sounds like stock will be limited. By the way do not click onto anything on the Canley Vale Nursery website because it has been hi jacked by the design company; th..Liked Answer 3612 days 23hrs
Panache fig tree - Vic, you mean a black mission cutting? Sure, no problem but not ready yet. Maybe end of next season. Sorry guys, if i knew they were popular, i would have taken more cuttings. I know a lot more now fortunately. Wisdom only comes with experience. No nee..Liked Answer 3628 days 16hrs
Panache fig tree - hi maryt yea ive read all that stuf to but in not so sure how acurate it is because although most of my s/deserts are next to my mature capri figs i have a couple others that i have isolated and they are still producing fruit. so if you want to try..Liked Answer 3628 days 17hrs
Panache fig tree - I had black mission, but gave away all the cuttings I had some months ago now. Spanish dessert could be a number of varieties...Liked Answer 3628 days 17hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - I have a couple of monkey banana suckers here in Perth that I bought in December. They're over a metre high and were $30 for 2 (initially $20 each but since I only was going to get one he threw in another for $10). I found them through Gumtree and bought..Liked Question 3656 days 24hrs
Fig blue provence - No, Jason - there is no bad point in having a fig tree. I have six varieties in my tiny inner city courtyard without a lot of sun. I have one cutting in the ground that is over 2M tall; the rest are in pots. I will also make room if I can find a Blue ..Liked Answer 3737 days 6hrs
Fig blue provence - http://www.yalcafruittrees.com.au/livecatalogue.htm#figs These guys sell blue provence, and a variety of other figs and citrus, as well as the sunrise and desert limes. ..Liked Answer 3737 days 6hrs
Fig blue provence - I was lucky enough to get a couple of cuttings of Blue Provence a few years back, unfortunately they are slow to establish for me and haven't branched out yet for me to share any scions...Liked Answer 3737 days 6hrs
Fig blue provence - I bet there's a zillion varieties hanging over fences around the old suburbs of Melbourne just asking for a sneaky cutting to be taken in Winter (after you have sampled a fruit in late Summer :D ). There's one awesome huge tree I've been keeping my ..Liked Answer 3737 days 6hrs
Panache fig tree - Hi Sternus Out of curiosity , what are the 10 top world varieties ? thanks..Liked Answer 3737 days 7hrs
Panache fig tree - Hi Aus, panache is around, but chances are the people who have it won't give you any budwood/cuttings because of the secret squirrel culture. I am currently in the business of smashing this cartel of parsimony to pieces--and if I do say so myself,..Liked Answer 3737 days 7hrs
Pineapple - G'day Mike, I was never a fan of smoothleaf pineapples, and always bought roughies. Just for fun, I grew a smoothie. Fair dinkum, it was easily the BEST pineapple I've ever tasted! I now grow both :-)..Liked Answer 3748 days 21hrs
Banana2 - Buying banana plants in Qld means one source only at the moment - Blue Sky Nursery referred by DPI. Things must be a little easier down south with Bunnings and nurseries selling suckers...Liked Answer 3758 days 14hrs
Banana2 - Hi Drady1990, As long as the stems are ok then they will be fine. They will start to push new leaves as soon as they get some warm weather. ..Liked Answer 3758 days 15hrs
Banana2 - I bought 3 bananas from Bluesky bananas John, a dwarf Ducasse, Goldfinger and a Blue Java and they have all grown like rockets in my unheated glasshouse...Liked Answer 3758 days 15hrs
Banana2 - Don't forget to choose your pups carefully to use for propagating more plants. Watershoots are pretty much useless so you need to wait for your banana tree to produce a spear shaped sucker which will go on to bear fruit. http://www.hardytropicals.org/in..Liked Answer 3758 days 15hrs
Banana2 - Great looking plantation there trikus - what varieties do you grow? I had ordered a Blue Java, Dwarf Ducasse and Goldfinger last year from Blue Sky and they are powering away after arriving as tissue cultured plants, phenomenal growth rates,..Liked Answer 3758 days 15hrs
Banana2 - My Blue Java banana plant arrived today... I'm very excited so I thought I would just share that with everyone...Liked Answer 3758 days 16hrs
Banana2 - John I received a Blue Java, Dwarf Ducasse and a Goldfinger from Blue Sky in Queensland in December as in vitro specimens, they are now doing well and about 8" tall. Blue Java sounds like the pick of eating bananas, can't wait for them to get moving...Liked Answer 3758 days 16hrs
Water chestnut plants - Hwa, water chestnuts are not and aquatic plant, strictly speaking. They require a good amount of soil. You can simply pot them and subnmerge this however if you don't want to line the pond with soil. I was growing them in my pond, but they were che..Liked Answer 3758 days 16hrs
Banana varieties were missing out - Hey Myles, I might be able to help you out when I get enough suckers for stock. The Blue Java and others have been in drought conditions for quite a while now. last weekend, I had my dam dug out to four times larger because I pumped it dry twice in the la..Liked Answer 3763 days 20hrs
Pandanus amaryllifolius - Thank you Tran for the info...I'll give them a ring & i'll try "ceres" as well...Liked Answer 3783 days 13hrs
Pandanus amaryllifolius - Where can i get pandan plant in Melbourne? Does anyone know pls!?..Liked Answer 3783 days 13hrs
Banana varieties were missing out - Hi Trikus, According to the wet tropics management authority, native banana species are edible and sweet (although seedy), see the bush tucker of the wet tropics fact sheet at Liked Answer 3786 days 14hrs
Banana varieties were missing out - #44 is also here, Blue Java (Ice Cream banana). My first bunch is slowly ripening - hope they live up to expectation..Liked Answer 3786 days 14hrs
Banana2 - After reading the posts about bananas on here, particularly kath and the other WA growers i decided to give one a go. I rang up about lady fingers advertised in the quokka (free advert paper) for $10. Went to pick it up and they they had litterally hundre..Liked Answer 3815 days 16hrs

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