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Boris Spasky's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 24/03/15 Frost:

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Size on limoncello - I do not know whether the lemon varieties discussed exist in Australia. However, what I will do is check next month what lemon cultivars have legally been imported. If clean budwood exists I will bud some trees. In the meantime I would not recommend dis..3179 days 11hrs
Mandarin3 - It is not correct to say the quality was rubbish due to trifoliata. This rootstock (and its dwarfing mutation FD) produces superb quality fruit. Something is amiss with your watering and feeding regime. Is it in full sun or shaded by other plants in pot..3180 days 12hrs
Size on limoncello - There is no such lemon variety. Beware of marketing names...3215 days 10hrs
Orange trees5 - Citrus you have bought are grown in ideal areas that receive far more heat (ie.sugar development) than your location. If you are on coastal sand with above average rainfall you may need supplemental magnesium. Deficiencies show up in older leaves first,..3300 days 17hrs
No subject41 - There are plenty of good references on the web to identify CGW. Galls from prior seasons look different (dark brown). I advise strongly against splicing the gall. Besides encouraging disease in the cooler wetter months, there are literally 100's of lar..3312 days 17hrs

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Size on limoncello - Thanks Kim It's all very confusing! As far as I know, even the varieties grown in Italy for liqueur aren't actually called Limoncello. So is garcinia like a lemon? I've never seen one...Liked Question 3179 days 21hrs
Yellow crested cockatoos - I have a colony of a few hundred about 300m down the hill. They pick many of the passionfruit off the vine green, but it usually still produces more than enough to go around and around and around. As long as I grow the passionfruit up a tall tree, they co..Liked Answer 3302 days 15hrs
Trial and error with blueberry burst - Juneli - watch this space in spring as we didnt either last year on our year old plants - maybe they need more maturity? Tell you tho - the Nellie Kellie evergreen is far better tasting than Burst was last year and they were both treated exactly the ..Liked Answer 3304 days 14hrs
Bulk cheap peat moss for brizzy northsiders - Lawnton ladscaping supplies is selling premium shredded peat for 42$ bux per 250 liter bales. I bought five. Anyway, I don't know how much they have left or if they'll be getting more, so you might want to get on to it...Liked Answer 3307 days 22hrs
Rock dust fertiliser do you use it - You could start here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_D._Hamaker..Liked Question 3319 days 23hrs
Growing pumpkins - Powdery mildew, it travels in the air so if you are going to get it then you will get it. Some plants are much more susceptible than others though...Liked Question 3408 days 10hrs
Low chill apricot variety availabilty - VF - what sort of chill do you get down there? I thought Cot-n-candy needed quite a bit? ..Liked Answer 3416 days 16hrs
How to bring back an orange tree - I know how to kill citrus trees: with mushroom compost or anything which contains salt. Maybe it had wet feet? OUr neighbours lemon died after too much rain...Liked Question 3418 days 21hrs
For sale ft high jaboticaba tree - not a big fan of jabos. A lot of people are though--most seem to like them, really. I have a large one on the property and figure it will be more appreciated elsewhere, I don't eat the fruit and as it stands it's pretty much an open buffet for various t..Liked Answer 3442 days 24hrs
Germinated graviola seeds - No, please do not even consider doing so! The seeds are toxic!!!! Do not eat in any form. A google search about annona seeds being toxic will confirm this if you have any doubts...Liked Question 3451 days 21hrs
Blueberry burst - Just picked my first tiny crop. Not really impressed - it's next to a Misty, which is much sweeter, and the berries are about the same size. The berries were blackish purple for quite a while before I picked them (BB and Misty), so even if they look ..Liked Answer 3494 days 18hrs
Bluberry bushes - Im also not that impressed with BBs - only tried a couple size of 2c coin - my own plant didnt pollinate all that well but my Nellie kellie 3ft away is loaded - same age potting mix etc - hoping the BB will give me dollar sized fruit next year - as for ta..Liked Answer 3523 days 11hrs
Bluberry bushes - I'm with vlct re the BB's. While the plant is a heavy bearer, the taste is not there. Is on the sour side and lacking a good blueberry taste. I'm just hoping that flavor improves in the fruit that develops in the warmer weather. ..Liked Answer 3523 days 11hrs
Sweet potatoes - Just hacked my way through to the centre of SP patch where original plant was,& dug down with fork to bring up a 3kg tuber! Damaged of course because I had no idea of the size & there were others not quite as big, but still damaged by the fork, so be car..Liked Question 3537 days 18hrs
Citrus sudachi - Thats sudachi, not yuzu ? if so grafted or seedling?? Not avail atm...Liked Answer 3544 days 18hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Ceylon Hill Gooseberry likes winter in Melbourne. I got some advanced Ceylon Hill Gooseberry plants sent down from a nursery on the Sunshine Coast about 6 months ago and put them on the veranda. They have been there all winter and have not suffere..Liked Question 3555 days 9hrs
Gardening australia2 - Mary how would you rate that fig variety to the others you have ?..Liked Answer 3565 days 20hrs
Gall wasp in citrus fruit - The people at bugsforbugs.com.au have a parasite for the citrus gall wasp...Liked Question 3575 days 20hrs
Gardening australia2 - No secrets; just a premium mix from Bunnings. I do give them pond water and worm juice regularly and fertilisers a couple of times a year. I also mulch the top of pots...Liked Answer 3584 days 1hrs
Gardening australia2 - Costa's schtick is a exaggerated , bubbly enthusiasm which, even if genuine, is somewhat tiresome. It's a show ABOUT GARDENING . Any way you look at it it cannot be orgiastic...Liked Question 3585 days 20hrs
Rock dust - Violet, We live on the mornington peninsula and get it from the diggers club in dromana. We also buy the munash rockdust same as ricardo. I believe you can get it from many nurseries around melbourne. They have a list on their website www.rockdust..Liked Answer 3620 days 14hrs
Pixie mandarin - Ivepeters, I haven't seen suntina. But it looks to be an Israeli selection (if not identical) of the old Nova mandarin which is part tangelo. ..Liked Question 3632 days 11hrs
An interesting conversation with pacific fresh - I would be most curious to see how long it takes from seed to fruit. But by the sound of things, JohnMc might be on his path to set a new record! good on you! I'm going to place a bet for 3 years (including the 8 mths). So by some time in Aug 201..Liked Answer 3689 days 8hrs
Royal lee minnie royal cherry - Brain I can see the ice trick working indoors, but not if there's any sun involved (thermodynamics in a closed system and all that). I guess what you'd be aiming for ultimately is to keep as much cold in for as long as possible. One of those emergency i..Liked Answer 3706 days 1hrs
Warm temperate hazelnut - I think there has been some research into it, but the trials have all been utter failures. It would be fantastic if one was available as the crop here is contracted to the big multinationals or exported. The imports from Turkey are often old, stale and p..Liked Answer 3710 days 13hrs
Birdwood grants white mulberry at bunnings lawnton - where abouts Gimme? I probably wouldn't grow the Pravin but would be keen to get my hands on the Chok/Choc Anan..Liked Question 3718 days 23hrs
Lemon problems - Usually, if the older leaves of citrus are yellowing, it needs epsom salts. And if the new leaves are yellowing, it needs zinc & manganese. Boron should fix the dark patches inside the fruit, and extra potassium will make the pith thinner. Fruit splitt..Liked Question 3721 days 22hrs
Birdwood nursery1 - No problem at all with the quality or shipment of Daleys trees. Prices are reasonable too, even factoring in shipping. Sternus, I think you expect quality plants for a pittance. It's a business not a charity. ..Liked Question 3736 days 13hrs
A small market trip - Mike those 'cocktail caps' are smaller than the ones I was thinking of; are they sweet but slightly hot?..Liked Answer 3743 days 17hrs
Partially organic - There are organic chemicals that are nasty if you recall your organic and inorganic chemistry. It won't be the genetics that is being referred to above but maybe like BJ's concept, with a little glyphosate help. I can't see how being partially organic ..Liked Answer 3761 days 12hrs
Quince2 - From what I've read, most are too astringent for raw eating,(and fruit I've bought confirmed this :P), but the DV is apparently one of the exceptions. I still wasn't expecting much, so it was a nice surprise. ..Liked Question 3761 days 24hrs
Pinkabelle apple tree - Don't kid yourself Granger, ff will have no problems turning your pink lady to crap. They prefer your neighbours tomatoes or stone fruit though...Liked Answer 3828 days 12hrs
Curry leaf trees - It's helpful in that it points out that there are quality trees available from a respected nursery, as opposed to yours, which are probably substandard and come in brown paper bags. Curry leaf trees aren't rare. Throw a rock at bunnings and you'll h..Liked Answer 3828 days 15hrs

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