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Trikuslaptop1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: wet tropics

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Trikuslaptop1 Forum Contributions
Jicama - IO had great success sowing Jicama over winter here in the wet tropics ..I got small tubers with no climbing foliage .. and plants took off very well once it warmed up ..2209 days 1hrs
Fruit tree spacing - pick a number between 2 and 5 and make that your spacing distance in meters .. be prepared to prune a lot if you choose a lower number ..2218 days 2hrs
Buk buk - New Guinea fruit may have been discussed here recently .. search gives no results , though I thionk that only works for the title of the post . Some were sold at Rustys and Mike T mentioned it . ..2247 days 2hrs
Cupuacu1 - DUH ... silly me added pic of Theobroma bicolor ... it was planted same time as T grandiflora and has produced nearly as well . ..2287 days 4hrs
Cupuacu1 - Fruit Forest Farm has had them bearing for a few years now , as well as a few other people in Whyanbeel Valley ...2287 days 19hrs

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Cupuacu1 - I'm not so sure and I have offloaded them to Peter and I don't think Mr Carle has them fruiting but I could be wrong.The picture there is of a T.bicolor by the way not capuassu...Liked Answer 2286 days 2hrs
Cupuacu1 - I have sprouted a few and passed them on. Cupuassu come in different varieties with different flower colours. Theobroma sp. San Lorenzo is similar and better...Liked Answer 2289 days 4hrs
What fruit is this4 - Marketing or stage names for a very ordinary tree...Liked Answer 2301 days 1hrs
Where to buy plantains - Plantains will grow in Sydney. I grow a few, such as Bluggoe, Pacific Plantain. They do well To people north of Brisbane who feel it necessary to constantly tell us we can't grow anything please remember Sydney is not in the Antartic we can grow Mango..Liked Answer 2349 days 19hrs
Rollinia species - Now that is a whopper trikus.I think Peter S. from Feluga is in the RFA and I bet you know him and Trina who maneges the nursery.I reckon he would have some good ones...Liked Answer 2354 days 4hrs
Can you purchase pitangatuba seedstree in australia - After speaking to DAFF about the possibility of import, I think I might wait until one of you guys has some success and decides to sell seeds. The quarantine requirements for this bad boy are pretty strict!..Liked Answer 2379 days 5hrs
Can you purchase pitangatuba seedstree in australia - They can take a couple of months but fresh seeds usually are germinating within a month.My 35cm plant had one flower but it didn't set.Alan Carle is the only one I know who sometimes sells plants . Melbourne might be pushing it for them. ..Liked Answer 2379 days 5hrs
Myristica fragrans - I got half a dozen Myristica insipida or globosa (no-one knows which they are) from the council nursery at Tully yesterday, to pot up and get actively growing over the next week or fortnight, then will try to graft material from the Cairns M. fragrans mot..Liked Answer 2457 days 3hrs
Looking for colocasia gigantea - The giant elephant ear? I havent seen it around for a long time as it can go rampant and people try to get rid of it.I can keep an eye out.They are not in the jungle here just a few Allocasias. They are called suckers and one is born every minute, or is ..Liked Answer 2472 days 1hrs
Rare fruit in maket - True, but none of them offer the unique brand of unmitigated olfactory and general sensory insult that Durian does. Another difference is that all those you mention actually are popular with consumers--Durian will never achieve this. Irregardless I respe..Liked Answer 2477 days 5hrs
Sapodilla - Ponderosa and brown sugar are not bad but too shy at producing and fell out if favour when tested here.Prolific is a fraction better but I chopped down my 10 tear old tree a couple of weeks ago as it didn't cut it with the other varieties.Just Krausey an..Liked Answer 2485 days 3hrs
Bluggoe plantain banana - Psychic Laisla.Trikus I think the bongs are a smoking banana...Liked Answer 2491 days 5hrs
Chokos - Hey Phil, the Choko is a very, very pale cream colour. The chooks like them, and I use them in cooking. They are lovely picked small, around 2 inches, steamed and coated in garlic butter. No need to peel at this size. Good texture and delicate flavour...Liked Answer 2569 days 4hrs
Etlingera elatior edible pink torch ginger in - I know paradise distributors carry Nicolaia elatior (etlingera elatior) in red and pink. They also carry some other ginger varieties. They are in queensland but they batch their orders together so the bill is split and it only costs $30 to get them. I ord..Liked Answer 2600 days 16hrs
Bush turkeys - Oh my goodness I have one very annoying turkey take over my yard. It has been driving me crazy for months now I take its nest apart and the next day it's built it again. I came across another forum that said they are territorial. I got a box and put mirr..Liked Answer 2601 days 21hrs
Attractive artocarpus - It is what is inside that counts...Liked Answer 2637 days 24hrs
Myristica fragrans - I just can't remember what time of the year that one fruits but it isn't the wet season.There are male branches grafted on to the larger female.There really should be more around and that goes for cinnamon, star anise and other spice trees...Liked Answer 2648 days 5hrs
Graviola tree or soursop - http://www.hoax-slayer.com/soursop-cancer-cure.shtml The studies by real medical researchers actually used soursops.Ther author of this site does have a medical degree but is more of a new age author.He has copped a flogging for his views and advice but ..Liked Answer 2656 days 7hrs
Aracaarazaeugenia stipitata - They are pretty acidic and in Brazil Eugenia pyriformis is held in higher esteem.It grows in cooler areas as well.This would be a great alternative in Australia if they were more widely available...Liked Answer 2672 days 21hrs
Durian lovers around the world1 - I'm in the middle of building a largish poly-tunnel now, hope to have it completed before the onset of the cooler weather. I'll be trying to keep an Abiu alive before I attempt anything like a Durian...Liked Answer 2683 days 5hrs
Yerba mate - Re Yerba Mate: The scientific name Ilex paraguayensis would suggest that the plant is a holly and there is a good chance that it could be grafted on to a holly root stock.The fact that the plant appears not to grow out of its native range suggests that th..Liked Answer 2686 days 4hrs
Durian lovers around the world - I ate a durian last week that Colin Gray of Cape trib gave me.Many trees have fruit south of Cairns that are half sized at the moment. Macranthas and red prawns are shaping to have good seasons and these special types will be in demand...Liked Answer 2686 days 5hrs
Palm id - It looks like one of the native Cordylines and they have similar red fruits to the round fruited Linospadix and can live in the same areas...Liked Answer 2686 days 17hrs
Indonesian bay leaf - Oh cool, Trikus. Hope they seeds well. Nasi kuning with sambel goreng ati and telur dadar and urap ? Planted two kunyit rhizomes yesterday. I hope they grow for making nasi kuning and soto. ..Liked Answer 2703 days 6hrs
Plants must be watered and fertilized - Sorry, besthomegadens, Some of your observations must be challenged. I can agree with half of your watering tips and none of your fertilizing tips. Adding fertilizers on a daily basis to a newly planted tree will end in disappointment, guaranteed. Addin..Liked Answer 2718 days 1hrs
Plants must be watered and fertilized - In the main, your quoted text is hogwash...Liked Answer 2718 days 1hrs
Plants must be watered and fertilized - Boris hogwash is a generous appraisal...Liked Answer 2718 days 1hrs
Star apple phillipine gold - Juicy pearl is C.argentium var.auratum so is a different species.Grimal green is one of 3 or 4 green varieties of true starapple in Australia and is not the best.There are reds,philipine gold and various purples.The dwarf Taiwanese yellow star apple appea..Liked Answer 2769 days 17hrs
Red dacca banana - Red Dacca can revert to Green Dacca as the colouration is only a single gene mutation. Have seen clumps of Red Dacca revert over time. Fruit quality and eating experience are still the same..Liked Answer 2794 days 6hrs
Melicoccus bijugatus mamoncillo or spanish lime - Not really Mary I have been practising being greedy lately and even saying no in the mirror.It have extended my tentacles a little further of late also...Liked Answer 2887 days 6hrs
Coconut palms in nsw - 'Malay dwarf' and other simmilar dwarf varieties may be , so I've heard, more sensetive to cold. Their compact size however, would enable a southern grower to protect them more easily with climate shelter, and also potentially longer fruitful life dow..Liked Answer 2958 days 15hrs
Falling baby mandarin - The fruit name is derived from Mandarin Orange just as Tangerine is derived from Orange of Tangiers. Mandarin is a bit too derived and Mandarine is strinised.It is a bit hard to argue about which is the correct common name as long as we know what we are t..Liked Answer 2979 days 16hrs
Panama gold passionfruit2 - No GM passionfruit here. Panama Gold is from an old line of sweet yellow flavicarpas that is hard to trace.They are really just a tropical form/subspecies of edulis that even has the Brazilians confounded as to weather yellows occur naturally there. Nearl..Liked Answer 2984 days 22hrs
Dragon fruit23 - Some pics of yellow dragonfruit flower opening as I left work tonight and a red cutting that has decided to try And flower in its pot..Liked Answer 2996 days 15hrs
Abelmoschus manihot linn - Hi all, I have been in the rural Solomon Islands a couple of weeks ago. All of the leafy vegetables we ate there were really tasty (and all the food was). I think sliperi kabis is supposed to be Abelmoschus manihot, but it was much nicer there than the..Liked Question 2998 days 7hrs

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