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panama gold passionfruit

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cherry tree starts with ...
how was the panama gold created? Is it a genetically modified variety?
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cherry tree
25th March 2014 4:22pm
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sternus1 says...
lol No, panama gold is not a GM variety passionfruit, it is a cross.There are not any GM plants commercially available in Australia at nurseries; the only GM crop grown in Australia is cotton. There are moratoriums in effect in several states, I cannot recall specifically which, on growing GM food crops. I'm not sure which varieties were crossed to produce panama gold, Mike T might know when he logs next.

Don't believe everything you read about GM. It is in fact extremely safe, and is the future of commercial strains.
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25th March 2014 6:09pm
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Original Post was last edited: 25th March 2014 6:08pm
jakfruit etiquette says...
GM canola is also commercially grown, but some countries refuse to take it.
Trials are underway on wheat, sugarcane, papaya, banana, grapes, pineapples.
I agree dont beleive everything you read about GM, unfortunately many science(+political) writers feel the need to champion GM. Any technology has pros and cons.
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jakfruit etiquette
25th March 2014 8:51pm
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Mike Tr says...
No GM passionfruit here. Panama Gold is from an old line of sweet yellow flavicarpas that is hard to trace.They are really just a tropical form/subspecies of edulis that even has the Brazilians confounded as to weather yellows occur naturally there. Nearly all sweet flavicarpas and edulis were bred in Australia and spread to Africa and even Hawaii but the lilikoi is sour.Red flavicarpas have edulis introgression in their history.Passiflora edulis in the rest of the world is sour except for a couple of edulis in California and the ones that are were sent from here in the last 130 years.Oh yeah and NZ edulis of course.P.ligularis is the main sweet passionfruit in South America.
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Mike Tr
25th March 2014 9:30pm
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