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Luke :)'s Edible Backyard

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Location: HIGHBURY

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June bug larvae - Can you rename threads at all in Daleys forum? And if so what should it be called?..2038 days 4hrs
June bug larvae - Thankyou for laying out the information. And sorry Julie for the confusion, i mistakenly gave them the wrong identification. Well they do mature into the beetles like in picture 2 and I did find that they are commonly called Curl Grubs in there juv..2038 days 4hrs
Avocado tree failing - Interesting Danny, well I did buy my Lamb Hass from Daleys so im sure it is, and it does show some dwarfing tendencies compared with my Secondo and Fuerte. Also another trait i noticed the Lamb Hass has; is that it flowers abundantly and the flowers hol..2038 days 4hrs
Avocado tree failing - My Lamb Hass shows B type flowering traits like my Fuerte. Does yours? Nice looking fruit set too, gives me hope for mine, now in its second year...2051 days 6hrs
June bug larvae - There called June Beetles or Christmas Beetles. "e;Christmas Beetle is a name commonly applied to the Australian beetle genus Anoplognathus"e; wiki. I've added two images for reference. ..2051 days 7hrs

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Plum plumcot pollinator - It is interesting to note on the website http://www.naturalhub.com/grow_fruit_cultivars_plum_new_zealand.htm it says Mariposa is the best pollinator for Wilsons early. According to these kiwi's, even though Santa rosa has compatible pollen it does not ha..Liked Answer 1933 days 8hrs
Dying avacado - Composted chicken manure is also effective against Phytophora root rot, as is Phos acid. It was specifically Composted chicken manure against Phytophora. Interesting that Chicken manure is high in Phosphorus and the chemical Phos acid is also treatment fo..Liked Answer 2051 days 8hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - I saved my Pinkerton too - not a great grower here. Perrys has Reed and they look like pretty good plants to me. Ive had root rot issues immediately after purchase and saved with above fungicide regime - grafted them to Reed and sold them in good conditio..Liked Answer 2071 days 24hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - Luke... Do both.....Most varieties will take different varieties but commercial growers are using Reed as a root stock because of its vigor..... Mike..Liked Answer 2071 days 24hrs
Dwarf red dacca banana in pot - Hi MegsyInMelbs, You should not too worry about growing Banana in Melbourne. They will grow fine in pot or in ground. The biggest enemy of Banana is wind. You can see the Red Dacca does not look good as the leaves torn away by strong wind. 1. Dwarf..Liked Answer 2077 days 0hrs
Which peaches and nectarines should i plant - Kath - I'm actually planning to espalier mine as well - so it's good to hear you're already getting great results. I've actually been reading a book by Allen Gilbert and he recommends a fan, V or candelabra form for peaches and nectarines due to the f..Liked Answer 2091 days 9hrs
Problems with white sapotes pics included - Yep, most of my Cherimoyas are leafless and just pushing new buds now, a couple still have some maybe 50% leaves but mostly they are almost leafless. Pity about the burn on the new growth but they will probably come back booming, I bet the sapotes will at..Liked Question 2405 days 2hrs
Problems with white sapotes pics included - I've only had a couple of fruit from Macs Golden and I didn't think it was so crash hot myself. I think any variety will grow in Victoria but it seems they may taste different depending on where they are grown and what kind of soil etc. Vernon seems ..Liked Answer 2405 days 2hrs
Problems with white sapotes pics included - I recently put my reinecke commercial, Ortega and vista white sapotes in the ground (last two weeks of autumn). All plants are over 1 and 1/2 years of age. The vista is fine but the reinecke and Ortega seem to be dropping leaves and developing black spots..Liked Answer 2405 days 3hrs
Blueberry - Blueberry's in stock at Tass 1 trees!!!..Liked Answer 2408 days 1hrs
Mulberry diseasevirus fruit drop - hi Luke, fascinating images! I was initially wondering if it was a nutrient issue too, however deficiencies tend to be more associated with leaf veins in terms of the pattern of yellowing. I'd recommend researching mulberry mosiac virus, as the early..Liked Answer 2408 days 18hrs
Passionfruit problem - Hi all, Planted this Nelly (black) about 2 months ago. About 3-4 weeks later the leaves started to curl and "break" ?? There are no aphids on the plant, well watered, not over watered though. I have another in the yard and it's going gang-busters. I'd..Liked Question 2410 days 8hrs
Mulberry diseasevirus fruit drop - I have the same problem as many people on garden forums around the net with my Dwarf Black Mullberry, premature fruit drop. About 4/5th's fall off. My mullberry is in in a 510mm 57L container, reaching 1.6m in height, (cut back once, in half) and at 2..Liked Answer 2415 days 11hrs
Red bayberry - My red bayberry seeds are pre stratified the same as Jantinas. They were stratified in a fridge . They are fresh seeds- I opened one and it was very much alive. The literature suggests a term of cold stratifying followed by warm stratifying. So I have ..Liked Answer 2452 days 0hrs
Pouteria lucuma - Hi Amanda, I would think lucumo would do very well for you. There is a very interesting book called Lost Crops of the Incas (your library may have it) which goes into detail about lucumo and it certainly sounds like I could grow it here and if you go back..Liked Answer 2465 days 22hrs
White sapote dade and kampong - Yes, Kampong fully self-fertile,at least here in sub-tropics, so one would be enough. I had no pollinator, but very young tree set a large amount of fruit which it did not want to abort, so I removed most. The taste was delicious too - my husband dislikes..Liked Question 2627 days 8hrs
King thai mango - Brain, I believe only one farm has SRD trees and is reluctant to part with material as he has a foothold in the NQ market now. Thye also need to be able to recoup the $$$ spent on importing the trees... They should grow true to type from seed though and I..Liked Answer 2631 days 0hrs
Daleys vs diggers - Happy to report that Daleys' business appeared not disrupted by the floods. My order arrived promptly and well packed as always, unlike a delivery from Diggers that was just a mess of pots, soil and dead and mangled plants jumbled together. I was s..Liked Question 2659 days 19hrs
Coffee - Hi Correy, I am obsessed with the perfect cup of coffee. I would love to grow my own but live in the western suberbs of Melbourne. Do you think it possible I might be able to grow and harvest my own coffee (given the occasional frost -1 in Aug and..Liked Question 2746 days 4hrs

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