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Trikus's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: tattered tropics

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Trikus Forum Contributions
I am lazy and id like advice - Just plant lots of what you like to eat . Try for early/mid/late season of everything . I am lazy as well , that is all you are getting from me ;) ..2 days 4hrs
Indonesian bay leaf - Tree was chopped down sorry .. it should grow back and we will try and strike cuttings .. also will offer leaves for sale again if possible. ..6 days 5hrs
New lychee variety - Lychee are only produced by marcots. ..18 days 18hrs
Dates3 - I have been following these guys for ages . http://www.gurradowns.com.au/Nurserystock.php Have bought fruit from them several times. ..93 days 3hrs
Pacific plantain - I planted out a few of these and was pleased to get a bell after only 11 months . Fruit filled out faster than I thought and is ready in only 9 weeks. ..104 days 4hrs
Cardamom4 - bet you are talking about Shell Ginger and not Cardamon.. only thing I can suggest is sharpen up a cane knife and chop down continuously every few week for a few years , stems make great paths if you lay them straight .. there is NO easy way I have a p..110 days 22hrs
Need help re ginger - check google for ornamental ginger flowers , there are only a few thousand of them ... failing that post a picture here ..113 days 5hrs
Cardamom4 - mow over them for a year or so , that should kill them , works for the much more rampant heliconia pssiticorum . Or pay someone to dig them up . Or use herbicide as a last resort .. Have you tried offering them on a buy swap sell noticeboard or faceb..113 days 5hrs
Flowering treesplants rare sightings - Hi Phil , I have Crescentia alata with different foliage to yours .. still not verified 100% Seen trees up here and know a few growers who have not had fruit in 20/30 years ! Something has changed . ..121 days 4hrs
Bunchosia argentea - Okay Manfred , please verify your expertise asap . ..133 days 1hrs
Myristica fragrans - Expect fresh seed from Singapore today . ..133 days 4hrs
Cupuacu1 - A grower in Hawaii often has them and sells on ebay .. you would do better trying growers in habitat or in Central America than way over here in Australia ..242 days 2hrs
Fei banana plants - DPI Nambour have a germplasm bank of 100's of cvs. They do have a few different ones. Mate in Darwin sourced some but lost plants in Freckle scare . imagine it would be like most others in growing requirements needing a tropical/subtropical climate to th..244 days 7hrs
Turmeric - yellow , orange & white turmeric ..246 days 19hrs
Turmeric - Some of the White turmeric I dug up last week .. Curcuma amada or Mango turmeric ..256 days 22hrs

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Fig cuttings from ebay - It helps a lot. I have collected lots of fig cuttings in Melbourne over the years. Screw up your courage, go and knock on the door of a house with a fig tree you like the look of and ask for a cutting. I've never had any trouble except once at a Salv..Liked Answer 92 days 3hrs
Rare corn seed stash - Hey All, I was at a local market the other day and walked past a vendor selling chocolate. The vendor had aztec heritage and he marketed his chocolate as aztec chocolate and he had aztec decorations on his table. The thing that caught my eye was some ..Liked Answer 98 days 4hrs
Elusive palms - trikus, did you buy the fruit from them?..Liked Question 107 days 1hrs
Crescentia alata calabash or gourd tree - I think I've seen it fruit in Bris. got some seed somewhere in my seed stash I bought Morro seeds (C.alata) from San Carlos Products imported from El Salvador to make a drink (Horchata) They've proven to be viable when I've sown them, but I'm not i..Liked Answer 121 days 4hrs
Flowering treesplants rare sightings - I have seeds of an interesting species from Central America, Crescentia, the Calabash Tree. Used medicinally in the Philippines, it has cauliflorous flowers along the trunk and branches..Liked Answer 121 days 4hrs
Kwai muk artocarpus hypargyraeus - Amanda I am sure Cloud will have all the answers.Here some I ate yesterday of an elite cultivar.Flowers are small like that and will enlarge when fertilised.They drag their arse for the first few season and not many set and after that they pump them out.T..Liked Answer 129 days 14hrs
Myristica fragrans - Trikus they still might have to go to the salt water centenary lakes in greenslopes street and relieve the male tree of a branch for grafting onto a female sedling.I have a few seeds/seedlings to pass onto Peter and Trina. I said to Peter and trina I wou..Liked Answer 133 days 4hrs
Banana kluay khai - Kluay khai is always a prefix in thai for thai bananas. So for example, a variety would be called kluay khai theparot. In thailand the most popular bananas are pratabong (which have rather orange flesh) and can be used for fresh eating and cooking, as ..Liked Answer 155 days 5hrs
Banana kluay khai - Yeah Phil, they're great aren't they. I had a small tissue-cultured plant that I got as 'Pisang Mas' about 15yrs ago when I was living up the road at Pumpenbil. It carked it in a bad frost though :-( They're also known as 'Sucrier' they'r..Liked Answer 155 days 5hrs
Galip or ngali nut - Trikus i have some fresh Barringtonia Neocaledonia seeds if your keen?? Its not the Pili nut your after but a very nice small tree...Liked Answer 188 days 1hrs
Soursop tress - Hi Sharon Do you see any soursop trees in Sydney with fruits?The answer is no.However it didnt stop me from growing one in a pot for 3 years .Mine was healthy but died very sudden in its fourth year.Growing something outside its normal climate is all p..Liked Answer 218 days 24hrs
Repotting palms - I read the Australian standard for potting mix and discovered that the only difference between premium potting mix costing $16 a bag and regular potting mix costing $3.95 a bag is the presence of fertiliser. If it's got the Standards Association ticks it..Liked Answer 218 days 24hrs
Patio lime - I think you might be on a loser with that lemongrass method. I have noticed that grasses here in the tropics die very quickly if they are covered. Two weeks under a layer of cardboard and nothing survives. I don't know if it the varieties or the wa..Liked Answer 272 days 24hrs
Patio lime - Many thanks to all who offered advice. My little tree held its bumper crop and, after a bit of experimentation, daughter and I decided a garlic press was the way to juice them. She made a Keylime pie which was so delicious that I followed her up with a ..Liked Answer 272 days 24hrs
Cola nuts - note these guys are all in tropics i'm growing Cola natalensis. It is a rare spoecies in that there is no known use I can locate and it ain't an ornamental except in so far as every tree is ornamental :) I love having it becuase at least I ha..Liked Answer 301 days 18hrs
Rambutan2 - One of our living treasures of the tropical fruit world (Hi Roger - what abut a comment every now and again?) once told me (in my tropical mode) "e;if you want mangoes, grow rambutans, and when they are ripe, take a bag of rambutans up to the tablelan..Liked Answer 307 days 7hrs
Clove tree - So- Trikus of Tully - would you have succeeded, had you been growing cloves in Mt Gambier, or Auckland, like others on this thread? It has taken you long enough - go, and boast no more! (My latest has died over the long dry season- but I'm not jealo..Liked Answer 307 days 7hrs
Milk kefir grains - My kefir just gets better and better.. the hybrid between Mary T's and Jantina's was my best yet this morning. I use raw milk from the local dairy, the cream on my kefir was about an inch thick today, chilled and full of kefir grains. A dairy lovers' d..Liked Answer 315 days 4hrs
Tropical fruit tree - Well I am surprised but fruiting is another matter especially for seedlings.Lansium and D.zibethinus could take 20 years even if they throw off the shackles and boom. People in Cooktown have lost durians to the cold when they plant the wrong variety.Red P..Liked Answer 322 days 1hrs
Red durian tabelak sabah durio graveolens - Jesse look on simply-thai.com seeds and look at luuk yang pa,I presume that is a Willughbeia.There are seeds of great fruits not in Australia or probably the US.David Chandlee in NQ had a borneo collection seed business but I don't knowif Yasi wrecked it..Liked Answer 334 days 3hrs
Bunchosia argentea - Could also be coffee. Did you plant any of that? Be patient - this time next month I will peruse them personally and let you have the benefit of my wisdom! Uncle Les also has much wisdom concerning bunchosias...Liked Answer 336 days 3hrs
Name of this fruit please - The fruit looks like a Bael fruit on the outside but not so sure about the inside..Liked Answer 348 days 18hrs
Name of this fruit please - Can't place it either, is it from a shop, garden, botanic garden, or bushland ?? Location, tropical or temperate ??..Liked Answer 348 days 18hrs
Name of this fruit please - Normally without a leaf,flower,shot of the tree or information about whether it is native or not id's of fruit are not easy.Even the broken fruit might not be ripe.I can think of a few options and one is Crescentia...Liked Answer 348 days 18hrs
Turmeric roots in sw wa - Hello all We grow both Turmeric and Galangal here in Kununurra. Both require full sun, lots of water and regular food in the growing season.They only grow when temperature is above approx 32 C so growing season down south will be very short unless in a..Liked Answer 389 days 3hrs
Ongo - What is Ongo Tree? I assume it is Myrianthus arboreus, Giant Yellow Mulberry from Africa. In which case I am growing a few of these in pots as pictured on a cold and wintry day. I figured that since it is a relative of the Mulberry then maybe, just may..Liked Question 402 days 2hrs
Id avacado please - G'day ell, it's probably just another 'seed-grown' avo. I wouldn't worry about about a name for it, as there are millions of no-name avos, but they usually all taste good! Enjoy...Liked Answer 407 days 6hrs
Indonesian bay leaf - Trikus if you get seeds I have some trees to swap that may surprise you.In fact I am after seeds of other rarities for swapping if you stumble across anything...Liked Answer 412 days 3hrs
Indonesian bay leaf - Oh cool, Trikus. Hope they seeds well. Nasi kuning with sambel goreng ati and telur dadar and urap ? Planted two kunyit rhizomes yesterday. I hope they grow for making nasi kuning and soto. ..Liked Answer 412 days 3hrs
Spices - Poppy seeds are tiny round, blue or white, Nigella seeds are tiny black,flat like sesame seed. Sesame seed are tan/brown or black. All 3 have distinct flavours...Liked Answer 476 days 4hrs
Graviola tree or soursop - Hi Sonia, You can order a tree from a nursery, but did you know that Graviola capsules are made from the sour sop fruit. It would be much better than just eating the fruit because you would have to eat a lot of fruit before it would help your son. I was t..Liked Answer 480 days 2hrs
Blushwood2 - Americian Society of Clinical Oncology University meets annually and reports on ovarian cancer research and they have not said anything that is not currently on the internet. However, the first port of call for your lady with ovarian cancer must be throug..Liked Answer 520 days 5hrs
Star apple - I would be surprised if there is any difference BJ.The trees look pretty similar and grow at similar rates.Maybe people have just latched onto the haitain name and only know the one that is most common...Liked Answer 520 days 5hrs
Acmena - Hi AmandaM. I'm from NSW but a quick internet search shows Zanthorrea Australian Specialists in Maida Vale WA lists them in their catalogue. Maida Vale appears to be in the Perth area, but Syzygiums (as Pade has already pointed out) are quite common (on t..Liked Answer 548 days 4hrs
Cynometra cauliflora - They taste like leathery granny smiths that are not ripe.There are several forms and a good tree is at the saltwater centenary lakes,greenslopes street Cairns...Liked Answer 559 days 4hrs
Annonidium manii - I don't grow them as they are a bit big and take a while to fruit. Seeds take up to a year to germinate and the plants probably don't do as well south of Townsville...Liked Answer 559 days 4hrs
Growing citrus cuttings - Thanks Manfred. " been giving away some nice meyer lemons grown from hardwood cuttings". I assume you mean plants, not fruit! I want to try Seville orange, in the hope a cutting would produce faster than a seed. ..Liked Answer 562 days 4hrs
Annonidium manii - I don't know if Troy has a twin but I do know most Junglesops and in fact many African rare plants came from him.He collects rare flowering trees especially cauliflorous types.My dealings with him have all been positive and he may be construed as eccentri..Liked Answer 564 days 3hrs
Araca pera - Guava Pear. Sounds like a good one. Here is the translation of the ejardim page: Psidium acutangulum / guava-pear Fruit globose or pyriform 6-8 cm in diameter, weighing up to 240 g. The seeds are large, much larger than those of guava (Psidium guaj..Liked Answer 572 days 2hrs
New lychee variety - Hi Mike & trikus, this new variety probably has a huge seed! I noticed it wasn't mentioned in the article? Haven't got there yet Mike :-)..Liked Answer 582 days 3hrs
New lychee variety - Apparently it is all true but the 100g fruit part is hard to swallow.I can just imagine Brendan and Wayne hurdling fences at Campwin Beach looking for someone called Tibby.Trikus if it was Yan, sth Johnstone then it must be right...Liked Answer 582 days 3hrs
Krasuey sapodilla - Peter Salleras has taken lots of material for grafting and I don't know how successful his nursery manager Trina has been. I have no seedling to graft them on and might actually have to pull out my sawo manila to accommodate a more glamorous fruit tree...Liked Answer 587 days 5hrs
Star apple phillipine gold - Fruit forest farm might yield better results. The philipine gold starapple may also be called DPI gold as I suspect they are the same thing.Alva is also an elite starapple...Liked Answer 589 days 18hrs
Star apple phillipine gold - David talk to me in a couple of months.Juicy pearl is Chrysophyllum argentium subspecies auratum so is not really a starapple.They are good but there is true greatness around. DPI Gold and alva are really the cream of the Chrysophyllum crop and true st..Liked Answer 590 days 1hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Trikus would be better on this but here's my take on it.As we have done away with many of the real names it is confusing.Lady fingers seem to be all the small stocky pisang style bananas with sugars,ducasse,africans and many more local names being used.C..Liked Answer 594 days 15hrs
Growing durukasaccharum edule - Pitpit is widely grown in Cairns, Australia. Being a tropical plant it survives here but only bears in the month of May every year. ..Liked Answer 601 days 4hrs
Myristica fragrans - Hi Guys, I collected a few pockets full of native Nutmeg along the beautiful Stoney Creek Walk near Kamerunga / Cairns. From memory, it was before Xmas time. Tried to grow some from a handful of seeds, but nothing came up. The fruit are smaller than the ..Liked Answer 614 days 20hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - Hi, I have some chuoi cau (suckers)for sale ,let me know if you want (Fairfield )area..Liked Answer 1396 days 7hrs
Growing mangosteen - You might be able to keep one alive in a protected spot but given the years and resources invested I wouldn't bother. even once mature, someone told me they need an amount of leaf flushes each season to flower that only a tropical climate can provide. ..Liked Answer 1396 days 7hrs
Rain rain rain - Isn't gluteny one of the deadly sins? It would be a low blow if it went through Mission and Tully this time, or kept and eye on the area too long...Liked Answer 1453 days 3hrs
Probably the best durio for sale on - Not everyone can develop a 'cultured' palate aus99a and the first taste of avos doesn't always meet with approval.It is not for every one just like seafood,wine,pate',some cheeses and deli treats...Liked Answer 1454 days 21hrs
Looking for the key lime citrus aurantifolia - llijas,my WI lime passed away recently after a happy and productive life but it was always the poor cousin of my tahitians.I saw sublimes in Big W and was tempted to get a replacement for my WI.It sure looked like a less thorny WI to me in growth habit to..Liked Answer 1492 days 2hrs
Looking for the key lime citrus aurantifolia - The vast majority of "Kumquats" sold in Australia are Calamansi/Calamondin. In Melbourne they are in most nurseries and are are often sold under the trade name of "Australian Cumquat"...Liked Answer 1492 days 2hrs
Pineapple - The slips and suckers from the side and base of the plant fruit in half the time as the tops.I have finally secured the tops of mareeba gold,hawaiin gold and giant rough leaf types and they are so much better than the old fashioned cayennes.The markets ar..Liked Answer 1505 days 21hrs
In the market for fruit - These duku-langsat are from the market and the seller thought they were langsat.The are quite grapey in a grapefruit kinda way...Liked Answer 1509 days 6hrs
Achacha taste - well, you can smoke it, but mostly it's drunk from a shell on the equinox at midnight, there's fire and beating drums involved, too ..Liked Answer 1514 days 16hrs
Cacao seeds - Cacao is genetically very diverse and the formulas for suitable climates don't seem very accurate.They are grown in the 6000mm/yr zone in Colombia,in the dry Cerrado in Brazil with supplementary watering and in the cool south of Brazil.The right cultivar..Liked Answer 1515 days 17hrs
- ..Liked Answer 1516 days 5hrs
Urban foraging - Amanda the starfruit you mention have winners and losers fwang tung as it is now called survived to be common as did wheeler which is now disappearing.The tropical fruit research station for over 100 years tries to popularise excellent fruits of SE Asia a..Liked Answer 1529 days 5hrs
Urban foraging - Well if people are over my posts I'll understand it.I would not want to over-run the forum with undercurrents.As a matter of fact I kept an eye out today for the underbelly but couldn't even find an overtone. When it comes to fruit, queensland and even..Liked Answer 1529 days 6hrs
Fijian longan1 - Fiji longans are pretty well done and there is a bit of diversity in the species. These are some I stumbled across last week...Liked Answer 1551 days 5hrs
Fijian longan1 - I think what was meant by the farmer explaining to Lucy, was that SE Asian soils where Longans grow well have naturally high levels of available Phos. Superphos in high ph soils bind quickly with Ca and become insoluble. Soft rock Phosphate is a goo..Liked Question 1552 days 6hrs
Banana plants2 - They are usually sold as tissue culture plantlets, I imagine there are restrictions for nurseries in banana growing areas ( Nth NSW ). Best source is Blue Sky bananas in Tully, Qld , who have several varieties to choose from for backyard bananas - they'r..Liked Answer 1563 days 4hrs
Display name - Good comments, thx guys :-) Picture of a "Falcon Nesting in a Tree"..Liked Answer 1566 days 2hrs

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