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    2 responses

AmandaM starts with ...
Hi there,
This is my first time participating on this forum. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy Creek Dwarf form Acmena Smithii in WA. Wanting to attract birds to my garden & from what I have read they love Lilly Pilly berries. I'm needing to hedge with something that is approx 2-3 metres high & only 1- 1 1/2 metres wide.
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2nd September 2016 12:05am
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Pademelon1 says...
I can't direct you to an exact location to buy, as i'm not from WA, but I can still help:

-Daley's has the dwarf form for sale currently, and they deliver to WA a couple of times a year. These are small seedling though, and so won't be instantaneous, although still quick.

If that doesn't float your boat, you should easily be able to find them at any major nursery, even possibly at bunnings, but you might want to check first.
They are named either Acmena or Syzygium Smithii, Dwarf form. Creek lillypilly is the common name, not a variety.

Hope this helps,
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7th September 2016 9:36pm
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brad16 says...
Hi AmandaM. I'm from NSW but a quick internet search shows Zanthorrea Australian Specialists in Maida Vale WA lists them in their catalogue. Maida Vale appears to be in the Perth area, but Syzygiums (as Pade has already pointed out) are quite common (on the east coast at least). I have Syzygium smithii (Acmena smithii) growing wild along a creek and potted 150 seeds a couple of months ago because they were in fruit and I had nothing better to do. They are just starting to shoot now.
A hedge? Maybe, in a backyard with the occasional prune to keep it under control. They do have a shrubby nature if they get roughed up (flooding creeks in my case) but if left alone to grow, they go up and out into large magnificent trees you can have a picnic under.
They're a seasonal fruiter (mine in winter). There are still remnants of the last season on the trees (it is now 9 September) but the fruit is dried up and they are pretty much the seeds waiting to drop off. There won't be any more fruit until maybe around May next year. I don't know how hedging effects their fruit production (assists or hinders) and when you want the fruit for birds, but this is probably something else to think about.
Another popular hedging Syzygium is the Syzygium luehmannii. I stumbled upon this Daley's youtube video last week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz4VKX9EQ5s
Anyway, I think quarantine is your biggest problem, so at least Maida Vale is in your state and hence no longer a problem. Ask them if they deliver, or maybe try again closer to home searching for Syzygium (more choices come up and the few Acmenas I know are Syzygiums anyway).
As Pade mentioned Bunnings, I think some growers are mucking around with these and calling them lots of different names. I think they are targeted to the "hedge" market, so it may pay to check out Bunnings and ask what the difference is between all their "branding" (and hope the person you ask actually knows).
BTW. as I mentioned my Syzygium (Acmena) smithii trees are along the banks of a creek, so watering is never an issue (it's always there). Find out the watering requirements if they are going to rely on you for water and you live in a dry area. The creeks are the only places I have them (I assume from trees dropping seed upstream), so I'm unsure if they "need" all that water, or if they can do without it so much.
Sorry for the long info dump,
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8th September 2016 12:02pm
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