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repotting palms

    2 responses

Shadow8575 starts with ...
What is the best soil to use for repotting palms recently purchased?
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Dandenong North
1st August 2017 9:44pm
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BJ11 says...
With any potted plant, buy the best potting mix you can and make sure it is able to drain well.
The mix might differ a bit whether you're inside or outside, but generally look for a mix with lots of humus that is rich in organic material.
Pine mulch on top works well too (the bark, not so much the needles).
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8th August 2017 11:05am
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Manfred says...
I read the Australian standard for potting mix and discovered that the only difference between premium potting mix costing $16 a bag and regular potting mix costing $3.95 a bag is the presence of fertiliser.
If it's got the Standards Association ticks it meets the requirements for drainage, minimal contamination, pathogen purity etc.
If it hasn't got the ticks, don't buy it. It might be OK, but some I've seen lately looks too fresh to be any good for growth.
I'm a bit of a fearless over-fertiliser so I buy the cheapest and build it up, but if that makes you nervous use a coated slow-release fertiliser, and don't forget to replenish it when its time expires.
Palms are monocots so their root systems are really resilient.
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9th August 2017 8:18pm
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