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Panama Berry, Strawberry Tree, Capulin, or Malay Cherry Mutingia calabura

Panama Berry | Strawberry Tree | Capulin | Malay Cherry

Mutingia calabura

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Large growing fruiting tree for tropical climates. Sweet fruit are used in similar ways to strawberries. Eat fresh or use cooked in pies, cakes or desserts.

Fast growing evergreen fruiting tree

FEATURES: Popular tree. in tropical areas. Forms a large open brari,ched shape. Pretty white flowers develop into small, rounded red or . yellow fruit throughout most of tPanama Berry | Strawberry Tree | Capulin | Malay Cherryhe year. The fruit have a palatable texture and are said to taste like strawberries. Fruit are borne on young trees from around two years old. Ripe fruit is red and needs to be used reasonably soon.

CONDITIONS: Suited to fertile moist yet free draining soils in. full sun.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Enrich soil with well rotted compost in good thick mulch layer.


• use the fruit fresh or cooked in pies or cakes.

• try also making jam or jelly