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$100 Voucher with 10% Offer Code

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When purchasing this $100 Gift Voucher it also includes a 10% OFF discount code included in the email that can be used From 26th December 2021 to the end of February 2022. This is the perfect gift for all fruit lovers or even yourself. The benefit of this voucher is it can be used in-store by quoting the 10% off code or by entering the 10% off code online. Add to cart along with any other plants you may wish to buy or simply by itself. Then enter your postcode and address information as per normal. Vouchers are sent to your email address ( not your friends ) and you then have the option to print it out or forward the email with your own custom email to your friend. * only available close to Christmas


Extra Information


* $100 voucher is meant to be given away and not used by yourself

*Online Only * Email delivery Only

* When purchasing Christmas Gift Vouchers that are already discounted eg. $90 for $100 Vouchers or $45 for $50 Vouchers. This discount code can not be used on an order with these vouchers. Vouchers can not be used to get a discount on-top of a discount.

This is how Email Only Gift Vouchers work Summary: Please enter your details Not your recipients details Please click Add to Cart below. You checkout by entering your own postcode, suburb, street & your email address not your recipients The voucher is then emailed to you (Not the recipient) as a high quality image inside the email along with a separate email with your tax invoice. You then forward the voucher email and modify the subject and body of the email with your own personal message and send it to your recipient at a moment that suits you like Christmas Day. You could also print out the voucher and give it to them in person.

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