Alibertia patinoi

Borojo fruit ripe and split in two By Unlicensed via Jeff Middleton [Supplier of] [All Rights ReservedSupplier of] (Photo Credits)

Originating in the wet tropics of Ecuador and Columbia, this small shade-tolerant tree produces a large, round fruit with a sweet, but also tangy and aromatic flavour. The texture is smooth and melting. The fruit can grow up to 1kg in weight, take up to a year to ripen, when it turns brown and falls off the tree. The flavour has been likened to a plum with vanilla overtones. They can be grown in full sun, but grow best in partial shade so are well suited to a food forest design. High rainfall and warm temperatures are required, the roots can not tolerate drying out. The trees are either male or female and this will be evident when it flowers.


Specifications of Borojo

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Suitability in Pots Yes with 35L+ Pot

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