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Fruit Saver Fruit Fly Net SmallBy Fruit Tree Nets Supplier of (Photo Credits)

Backyard fruit tree net to protect your fruiting trees from fruit fly, possums, birds, bats and rodents. No need to use chemical sprays, environmentally and wildlife friendly. Suitable for all fruit trees including stone-fruits, apples, figs, guavas, pears, persimmons and tomatoes and it is ideal for potted fruit trees. The small fruit saver net has a 1m square roof and a 1.5m skirt on all sides.

Other Names: Exclusion Net, Fruit Fly Net, #X
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$47.00 2   Large Package

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Exclusion Net - Fruit Saver Net - Mini (1.5m x 1m x 1.5m) For Sale (Size: Large)  (Grown from Seed) Video Exclusion Netting Fruit Nets for Fruit Trees

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Question & Answer

I need your expertise regarding the dwarf peach tree I purchased from you a few years ago. Every year I get great crop of peaches but haven't eaten any of them as yet as they end up infested, this year I did spray with liquid copper just after the buds were formed, I realise that I was meant to spray them in winter when I start seeing the first buds forming but didn't get to it. The other thing I have noticed is that the peaches all fall off after being eaten by something, I did open one peach & noticed white worms or caterpillars inside them. Should I be spraying something else in addition to the liquid copper and if so when? They're about the size of a golf ball, is this the size they should be growing to? Finally, how do I know when they are ready to be picked? Thank you so much for your help it is greatly appreciated Novice Grower, David From: RYDE NSW

As another idea for treatment of fruit fly you could try #EcoNaturalure1835 or #WildMay1826 ====== Hi David, the copper spray is used to treat leaf curl, this is a foliage problem and the trees should be sprayed in late winter before the buds break dormancy if you have a problem with this disease. With regard to your fruit you need to protect them from fruit fly, these are the grubs that are ruining your fruits. A fruit saver net would be perfect for you, we have them on order and they should be here in the coming weeks. They come in two sizes #FruitSaver2697 #FruitSaver3221 The dwarf peaches are ready to pick around Christmas time. Test one then, you will know when they are ripe.

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Exclusion Net - Fruit Saver Net - Mini (1.5m x 1m x 1.5m)

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