Gustavia augusta

Membrillo Gustavia augusta Flower with bee By Dinesh Valke [CC BY-SA 2.0] (Photo Credits)

A medium-sized tree with a straight trunk that is often unbranched, with just one cluster of leaves at the top of the trunk like a palm. Leaves are very large. Fruit ellipical, green to brown; pulp is yellowy orange; 2-20 seeds/fruit. Pulp eaten roasted or boiled, mixed with rice. The tree is used as wood for construction. The leaves in decoction are used to cure intoxication by poisoned arrows.


Specifications of Membrillo

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Membrillo Reviews & Tips

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Bill Cameron
2y ago

Mossman Gorge, Qld, Australia


Have a plant growing at my home near the Daintree area.Beautiful flowers and fruit.There is some growing outside the Cairns library also.Will try to propagate some seeds.Not sure of their nutritional requirements though.

Rohanne Young
3y ago

Thornlands, QLD, Australia


My Gustavia flowered for the first time last year and set some lovely seeds. I didn't have any luck in propagating them though. Its in flower again so I will try to grow from seed this year. I didn't realise that the pulp was edible. I'll try this as well

Heather Dampier
8y ago

Ipswich, QLD, Australia


Well it survived its first very cold winter, will cover it again this winter as i did last one,so hopefully will continue to do ok.

Heather Dampier
9y ago

Ipswich, QLD, Australia


I live in Ipswich,qld,have this near other trees & covered completely from wind. I water it with warm water in cold temps, its growing like crazy so will wait & see if we get a very cold winter, what it does to it.

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