Rainforest Plants of Australia

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Rainforest Plants of Australia

Rainforest Plants of Australia - Rockhampton to Victoria is a user friendly key to Rainforest plants of this region. This is in a USB stick format and contains information on each of the 1139 rainforest trees, shrubs and climbing plants has a fact Sheet describing the plant, a line drawing emphasizing the main features and an average of 10 photographs showing everything from bark, buttresses, leaves, flowers fruit to spines, glands and sap colour. There are also sections on different rainforest types and where to find them. For anyone interested in rainforest plants, south of the Tropic of Capricorn, this is a must-have. It is the combination of expertise and enthusiasm for rainforests that makes this key not only exceptionally thorough and accurate but a thing of beauty and a joy to use. To order direct from Hugh and Nan Nicholson go direct to their website for a web special price http://rainforestplantsofaustralia.com


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