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eco naturalure male trapBy Supplier All Rights Reserved, Supplier of (Photo Credits)

This male fruit fly trap is easy to use and it does not require any maintenance once it has been installed. The trap is completely self-contained; with a fully encased wick impregnated with Q-Lure (Queensland fruit fly sex pheromone), and a toxicant that quickly kills males upon entering the trap. The current toxicant is not organic however Organic Crop Protectants are currently looking at organic alternatives. The trap is secure and the wick is not exposed, so there is no potential for food contamination and minimal exposure to other animals and insects in the garden.

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Eco - naturalure - Male Fruit Fly Trap For Sale (Size: )  (Grown from Seed) Fruit Fly Lures to control Fruit fly

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Eco - naturalure - Male Fruit Fly Trap

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