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Almonds in the SubTropics?

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Kelvin starts with ...
Am looking for advice on growing Almonds, just backyard, nothing commercial, in the Sub-Tropics.

Are there any varieties that will set fruit/nuts in a warmer climate?

I was thinking I would plant them on a slope or mound, so they would drain well, but I have some concerns that our temperatures wouldn't get low enough to promote fruit/nuts?

Anyone able to assist?
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Townsville, QLD
25th May 2010 3:23pm
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Diana says...
Hi Kelvin,

Townsville is not the subtropics! I don't think all-in-one would go very well even in Brisbane. I noticed that someone in a nearby suburb to me in their wish list in their 'my edibles' page says

"Garden Prince dwarf almond: This variety apparently only requires 250hrs chill and would therefore fruit for me. I've only see it on tree lists in USA so I'm still waiting for someone to trial it here in Oz."

There is no-one in Queensland with an almond on my edibles who says it has fruited (correct me if yours has, anyone!).

Sorry not to be more positive,

About the Author

25th May 2010 7:24pm
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