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Apple 3 way for small garden

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Yonni starts with ...
Will the apple 3 way do okay if planted in a pot?
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7th April 2017 9:33pm
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chelseabaragwanath says...
Choosing to grow fruit trees in container or pots is good for mobility. Well, if you are considering to grow apple in a pot then you should consider buying two plants as they require cross pollination. You can even buy a single apple plant, but it should be self pollinating. We have recently renovated our garden with the help of professionals from this website, http://www.gardeningnorthside.com.au/landscaping-north-shore/ (my brother insisted to go with them) and planted many of the fruit trees(cherry and plum) in pot(10-15 gallons in size). Both the trees are self fertile, so we only need one tree to ensure a good crop.
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28th April 2017 3:06pm
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