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Apricot advice - Borer or Canker or other ???

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JASM starts with ...
I'm hoping someone might be able to provide some advice or help with my young apricot tree

I purchased this apricot tree (moorpark, dwarf rootstock) last year in July as bare root, and planted it in a pot where it has been growing well for the last 9-10 months (location: Adelaide, South Australia)

It recently started weeping sap from a few of the lateral branches where they connect at the trunk. I was concerned it could be canker, but figured it could just be mechanical injury/environmental stress as it has been a bit wet and windy here due to change of season. I cleaned up the gummosis and sprayed the lower branches and trunk with lime sulfur - I figured this was unlikely to do anything if it was truly canker, but nonetheless felt compelled to do something (and wasn't too concerned about potentially defoliating the lower branches because it's autumn and due to drop leaves anyway).

Although the gummosis is not as severe as it was, it is still a bit weepy, so I figured I'd just watch and wait.

In the past week, small orange pellet like masses have appeared (photos attached) and I'm now wondering if this is borers?

Or are the orange pellets the fruiting bodies of some canker pathogen?

I blasted the orange pellets off the tree with a strong jet of water, revealing some holes which left me wondering about borers (3rd photo).

Anyway, I then re-sprayed with a strong solution of lime sulfur, followed a few hours later with a synthetic pyrethroid (tau-fluvalinate).

Can anyone identify what is going on with this tree, or offer any suggestions?

Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2

Picture: 3
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16th May 2023 10:25pm
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