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Apricot Tree Pruning

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Tash162515 starts with ...
My husband and I have an Apricot tree we planted four years ago. This weekend, my mum came down to visit and gave it a prune - she didn’t realise you shouldn’t prune Apricot trees in Winter. Anyway, it’s done now. What can I do to protect my tree from disease? What should I watch out for? It’s a very healthy tree. Quite large, even though it’s young. Any and all advice welcome 🙈
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Mount Gambier
6th July 2019 9:24pm
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David01 says...
Hi Tash162515,

Yes, Apricot prune in winter will take longer time to heal the wound and have less fruits next season. You can use water base paint over the cuttings to seal the wound. Apricot should be pruned right after fruits harvest. Cheers
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8th July 2019 10:02am
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