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Avocado leaves turning Bronze?

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Kylie7 starts with ...
I have tried to search the forums for this issue but I cannot seem to find anything about this. I noticed a few days ago my avocado began to develop Bronze leaves, the bronze leaves had the texture of velvet and were soft, after 2 days they have finally hardened to brittle. I am unsure what this could be indicating, does anyone know?

More details:
Species: Sheppard A
Type: Grafted
Age: 7 months
Location: Potted in a 70L deep pot
Sun: 100% sun between 6am-12pm and then 100% shade with ambient light the rest of the day. Low wind area.
Soil type: A mix of cactus soil, sand, fruit soil and gardening soil, top layer covered in barkchips
Fertilizers: Last fertilized 7 months ago with slow release fruit fertilizer.
Watering: Every 1-2 days, depending on how the plant looks I will water a little extra on hotter and drier days.
Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2

Picture: 3
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23rd March 2019 6:54pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Kylie7

Your guacamole looks healthy other than the odd browned leaves. All young avo trees are susceptible to leaf burn during their early life. They can better resist leaf and stem burns as they mature. Salt burn is also another possibility due to saline water irrigation, salt spray from the sea and over fertilization, but, it is less likely the culprit in your case. Imho there's nothing seriously wrong with your avo.
Happy gardening 😎
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22nd April 2019 10:07am
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