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Black Sapote

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Ron Gordon starts with ...
My Black Sapote tree is 10 years old and has produced some good large fruit but for the past 2 years --nothing
The flowers come on but then drop off before the fruit forms .The tree appears healthy and normal. I am considering a prune and fertiliser change among other things. I would certainly appreciate your advice
In anticipation
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Ron Gordon
bli bli
11th January 2019 12:10pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Ron

Most Black sapotes can fruit on its own but another different cv nearby is beneficial for higher fruit set success. Another issue might be inadequate irrigation and fertilization regime. If the tree is stressed during flowering and subsequent fruiting cycle it will revert to survival mode and drop the flowers and fruits for self preservation. Assess your irrigation and feeding schedule as well as the type of fertilizer.
Happy gardening 😎
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12th January 2019 7:09am
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