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Blueberry Burst - disease?

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Susan16 starts with ...
I've had the Blueberry Burst about a year in a 1/2 wine barrel pot in our front south facing courtyard which gets a fair amount of light.
In the last week we've noticed it changing colour & now appears to be dying alarmingly quick - the difference from yesterday morning to these photos in the afternoon is very worrying.
Looking at the plant it appears the worst of the dying leaves relate to one main branch off the trunk near the base which makes me think some sort of disease. Other leaves are starting to change some I'm wondering if the 'disease' is spreading.
Any ideas what it is? And what to do to arrest the dying?
Thanking you in advance.
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17th May 2017 7:32am
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Markmelb says...
Leaves will go a little red if nights are cool down here in Melb - looks to me some sort of damage to that one branch low down - have you checked that? is like as if it is cambium damage or was bent? I and many others are quite disappointed with the Burst Marketing HYPE - Not a super cv - there are others far superior - I was still picking a couple now and then off the Nellie Kelly one which I think is Misty Blue. a good producer IMO
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17th May 2017 5:53pm
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