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chenoa 440 starts with ...
hello, im looking for either seeds or saplings of Fontainea picrosperma, brushwood berry, do you have stock or know where to buy some?
many thanks.
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chenoa 440
22nd November 2017 7:56pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Fontainea picrosperma/hylandia dockrillii (blushwood tree) is an endangered plant species native
To far north Queensland. It was proven by Qbiotics a pharmacy company from Queensland to cure numerous types of cancer. Obtaining this plant is hard because apparently the pharma company who discovered it's potential was given the right to propagate this miracle plant. Even nurseries who used to sell them stopped doing so. So it's really difficult to obtain this specimen by any means short of going to the Atherton Tableland to hunt down these rare miracle cancer busting tree. But then again it's illegal to gather endangered species in the wild hence not advisable. Anyway, within 4 years the drug made of blushwood tree material will be hopefully available to the public. For some it will be too late by then.
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13th December 2017 1:30pm
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