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Coffee Arabica

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Rosemary starts with ...
Our purchase of two of these plants have just arrived and they look wonderful - leaves all glossy etc. Our question is how wide do they spread/
We would like to plant them but have no
real idea of height and width. Please
advise asap as we wish to plant soon.
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14th December 2011 1:18pm
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Kathy says...
Here's some good information. It appears that coffee trees need to be 1.5 metres apart. BUT I suspect it would depend on how tall you are going to let them grow -as left alone I think they become a giant tree!!

PS my coffee plant which I got from Daleys 2 years ago has beautiful flowers all along its stems at the moment (and is close to a metre tall). I have it planted on the side of a loquat tree - and beside a shed. It gets filtered light during most of the morning, then is shaded in the afternoon. It seems really happy with that arrangement.
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18th December 2011 8:45am
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