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Companion Plants

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ORUNVS1 starts with ...
Hello I want to know what are the best Companion and pest control plants to go with these plants??
Yacon - Apple of the Earth
Guava - Strawberry
Coffee K7
Goji Berry
Passionfruit - Banana
Persimmon - Flat Seedless
Papaya - Southern Red
Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold
Longan - Kohala Seedling
Peach - Tropic Beauty
Sugar Herb - Stevia
Ginger QLD
Passionfruit - Panama Gold
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21st December 2017 10:18am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Companion plant for:
1. Peach - garlic, onion, Tansy, Marigold, basil, petunias, nasturtiums, dill and borage
2. Papaya - banana
3. persimmon - borage, chives, comfrey,
4. guava - comfrey, chives, marigold,
borage, garlic, calendula, nasturtium,
5. coffee - banana, comfrey
6. passionfruit - marjoram, lemon balm,
7. ginger - red clover, beans, and peas
8. Stevia - thyme, oregano, and mint
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23rd December 2017 10:58am
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